Friday, December 9, 2011

13 weeks and counting!

yesterday i went to my drs appointment
for the first ultrasound of babyb2

it was so incredible to see
and to have had the distinct privilege
to see this twice in my life!
that little heartbeat just going to town!
and arms moving!
and ... possibly ... boy parts?
we're really not sure...
me and my ultrasound tech, that is...
i tried to get her to confirm
she said it was really too early to be certain

we'll know for sure in january
and that will be so much fun!
i will return home from that ultrasound with an agenda!!!
we have stuff to get rid of
rooms to flip around
walls to paint
baby stuff to pull from storage
needs to assess

going into this for the second time
it is fun to realize all that you don't need
especially when you live in a smaller house!!!
but, it will still be soooo much fun to revisit
'the stuff'

swaddled baby...
baby in bouncer with super soft blankie...
 baby in johnny-jump-up...
 baby baths in the sink...
 stints of time on the boppy on old quilt with lots of toys...
 moses basket that travels from room to room...
 compact high chairs... {thank the good Lord!!!}
 bottles in use... and taking up space in cabinets and on counters...
monthly pictures to see how much we've grown!!!

i can't wait! it is going to be so much fun...
and to watch giles experience it will only make it better

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