Wednesday, November 16, 2011

theirs and ours...

 so not perfect.
but! they are done :)
and giles helped
and he likes them...
not sure what else matters.
oh, my pride.
we're in charge of cookies
for tomorrow's thanksgiving feast
as soon as giles' teacher said that
i knew exactly what we would bring
in all of my hours on pinterest
i have been productive with my findings
however, i definitely found the learning curve
here are the pinterest pilgrim hat cookies
i also have found some interest in baking cakes lately...
i have been inspired.
 i like that a decorated cake sends a message.
i have a looooooooooooong way to go
but it is a fun process and i am enjoying it, so far
here is a cake i made for my friend's baby shower
it was a small affair among close friends
or else i might not have been brave enough
it turned out fine
not fab, 
but fine... 
i really could have cleaned up my work station
before snapping a pic
but i wasn't really planning a blog post
at the time, or i would have!

it's no masterpiece
but it was fun to make

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