Wednesday, November 16, 2011

theirs and ours...

 so not perfect.
but! they are done :)
and giles helped
and he likes them...
not sure what else matters.
oh, my pride.
we're in charge of cookies
for tomorrow's thanksgiving feast
as soon as giles' teacher said that
i knew exactly what we would bring
in all of my hours on pinterest
i have been productive with my findings
however, i definitely found the learning curve
here are the pinterest pilgrim hat cookies
i also have found some interest in baking cakes lately...
i have been inspired.
 i like that a decorated cake sends a message.
i have a looooooooooooong way to go
but it is a fun process and i am enjoying it, so far
here is a cake i made for my friend's baby shower
it was a small affair among close friends
or else i might not have been brave enough
it turned out fine
not fab, 
but fine... 
i really could have cleaned up my work station
before snapping a pic
but i wasn't really planning a blog post
at the time, or i would have!

it's no masterpiece
but it was fun to make

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i really think i thought i did a halloween post already
but because i don't see it... i am guessing not! 

mike and giles had a fun time carving the pumpkin, 
scooping out guts and roasting pumpkins seeds...
i was on photo duty :)

then the next day was halloween school fun
 {yay me! football player for second year in a row!!!}
{yes, there is ONE little girl in a sea of boys in the 4s}

sadly...our halloween had a trick...
as it was no treat for giles when he woke up with fever 
from his pre-trick-or-treating nap on monday :(
{that is a sweet smile through 103 fever!}
he was such a trooper!
if i had been told that i couldn't go TOT at 4 years old...
well, i am sure i would have pitched a royal fit
but giles was good with it... 
of course he truly didn't feel well...
he spent the rest of the night in bed
but he was completely better the next day

since halloween we've just been finishing up soccer, 
tonight there will be a banquet and awards ceremony...
we certainly can't miss that! {ha!}
and taking care of other day to day stuff... nothing too terribly exciting

can't wait for thanksgiving and favorite times of year!
having parties here
and visitors in town for the holidays
and short trips
and turning a year older {gah!} the day after thanksgiving
the end of the year always brings so much joy and fun times...
and maybe a little stress here and there trying to fit it all in...

i know that every year there are different camps for christmas decor
either do it as soon as halloween comes down {moi!}
wait until after thanksgiving...
cannot even fathom--- wait until DECEMBER!!!

well, we entertain in november and i do not want to go to all the effort 
of decorating for it to only be enjoyed by the three of us...
so, before thanksgiving it is!
which brings me to, my parent's visit yesterday...
they drove their sleigh {wagon}
to ttown with a tree in tow :)
i have been through various stages with christmas decor in giles' 4 years...
our first christmas was a full radko ensemble
on a full size tree that took up an entire wall...

 to a slimmed down tree and lots less radko
this year, 2008, giles was about 16-17 months while we had our tree up
and he'd only been walking since Sept...
so...needless to say... not very many radko or sentimental ornies
low on this tree!
we've kept this tree since 2008
in a couple of different places in our den
but this year, i just HAD to have a change!
i just could not do the non-traditional
lime green, suess-like, christmas tree again...
i love that tree, but it has it's place... 
and my den is not it this year! 

so i asked my parents if they had a spare
and they kindly drove down two to choose from...
it was like a little tree lot in our den!
one was a little too short... as in it was one inch taller than me...
a 5'9" tree just wasn't cutting it, 
but it was definitely precious
i was smitten, immediately, with the 7'4" tree
that really looks like it could have been plucked right out of the forest 
by clark griswold and gang...
and my dad's little volvo didn't endure near the nightmares
that old ford taurus did on the way to town!
{please, it is almost time for one of my all-time favorite holiday movies!}
so, it is with pleasure that over the next two weeks, 
i will slowly deck our halls with decorations of the season
and enjoy christmas music on pandora while i work...
i have chet atkins, clay aiken, michael buble & MANY more stored...
i would love to find some fun news ones...
my ALL TIME FAVORITE christmas album of all time is 
my daddy played this ALL of the time during christmas time
when i was little... it totally can make me tear up JUST thinking about it!
it, for some reason, has been unavailable in the US 
i searched high and low for it and finally found a copy years ago
on ebay... in australia!
so i got that for my dad for christmas one year 
and made copies for me & my sister...
so... all that to say, it is a big part of my holiday tradition...
sadly, i can't find any holiday glen campbell on pandora,
perhaps i should complain? :)

so with all of the talk of decorations, 
you'd think that's what the holidays are all about...
it is my goal to really help giles start to grasp the grandeur that really is christmas
but to be honest, it is sort of a daunting task!
we talk all of the time, and i know it won't be one conversation
and one a-ha moment, but a series of God-given opportunities to share
the message of what really is Christmas...
i just pray that i don't miss them,
that i don't over analyze my words until i make myself say nothing
because it is not perfect,
that i don't fail to take the time to share my thoughts and love of God
and for the birth of his son
because we are in a hurry or running late
or doing any other number of mundane tasks that seem so important
God, can you give me a hand?