Sunday, October 30, 2011

happy halloween!

it's frightful how fast time goes 
and then i come here to dump pictures and thoughts
belated, but better than never
 we're into games and puzzles... and most of the time, we complete them!
that is the biggest improvement is not getting too frustrated mid-way 
to actually stick with until the end!
 bath time is fun and full of all kinds of critters... 
and at almost 4 1/2 years old, it can be a source
of entertainment for a good 20-30 minutes
the temperature {seems like a cold pasttime to me}
and being pruney are all ok!
 we took our first family camping trip in September
it was so much fun and i am so glad we did it!
mike and i spent so much of our dating, engaged 
and earliest married years camping all of the time!
 oak mountain is just a quick hours drive from home
it has excellent, clean, easy to navigate camp grounds 
and a really fun bmx bike track
we took giles' new bike there
he met a sweet friend named addison while we were there...
he shared his bike so nicely 
and addison learned to ride a bike without training wheels!
it was a great time to see giles being
the encourager to his new friend 
and sharing so nicely too...
 the boys on picture day... 
wish i hadn't bothered to buy school pics!
these turned out just as cute!
or maybe it's just the subjects :)))
 target $1 section has great learning supplies i have found
here giles is practicing his letters with a dry erase page we found there...
 the visit to the beach {and the Publix, specifically} brought
a few new critters into our little family... 
these little guys provided hours of entertainment while at the beach
...great for those afternoons when the sun had 
been brightly shining all morning and we needed a little break
 had a big time at the beach... loved it this summer
just as much as last! always a relief to find the love for the
sand and water has stuck and we don't have to re-acclimate
daddy is always looking for ways to take the fun up a notch
this boat was a little rocky when the surf came in
and giles just wasn't as big a fan as we'd hoped
i thought it looked like a ton of fun!
maybe if he'd had a friend along for the ride...
and in conclusion...
why not do a little reading with a bucket on your head?
yeah, i couldn't think of a reason not to either...

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