Wednesday, October 5, 2011

don't wanna forget....

that when we passed a cul-de-sac
giles said, "look mom! it's a dead ending!"

nor that when we were discussing dinosaurs 
in the car after school the other day
he misunderstood me when i said,
"dinosaurs are extinct"
and quickly agreed,
"yeah, dinosaurs do stink!"

no, these moments are precious and fleeting...
i don't wanna forget them...

i get irritated too easily
and expect too much
but hopefully being lightening fast to admit my wrong
and asking for forgiveness often
i will impress some goodness on my boy ;)

we've got some excitement in our boring little lives this weekend...
will be back with pictures soon...
it'll probably be boring to anyone else- lol...
but exciting to us!

today marks the end of a life that has impacted our world
more than anyone i can think of right off the top of my head...
at least as far as what's new and propelling technology forward
Steve Jobs died.
apple is definitely a diverse word because of you.

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