Friday, September 2, 2011


Roll Tide!
kick off of football season around here 
actually changes the atmosphere! seriously!
not being from a "college" town,
this has been a happy adjustment to make over the years
today my discussion with the walmart checker outer
revealed she was an ohio fan by default,
she really doesn't get the game and is a fan because her husband is a fan
but in true tuscaloosa fashion, 
our transaction ended with a hearty and reciprocal
lol... she said it first :)

this morning i laid giles' clothes out on his bed
Alabama football jersey
khaki shorts
new balance
what's to question?
well, in his sweet four year old thoughts, he was worried
he asked, "what if my friends laugh at me?"
{i guess he doesn't remember all the times he's worn the jersey before???}
i knew better
but i decided to take the time to talk about how important it is
not to judge what you like/do based on whether others like/do it
he seemed to take the lesson to heart--- in his four year old way
fast-forward to carpool line 
where my heart swelled as i saw his delight
when he and two other little blonde boys 
were holding the teacher's hand going into school
with their Alabama jerseys on
he was grinning ear to ear while proclaiming to his friend
"we've got on the same jersey!!!"
so proud of himself
it was a sweet moment that revealed a good lesson in
trust mom {bonus!}
be brave even when you think you might get laughed at
enjoying good times with friends, celebrating your similarities!
so football is definitely in the air around here!

now off to prepare for our own little tailgate we'll enjoy right here at home
smoked ribs, potato salad, baked beans
it's gonna be good!

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