Saturday, September 3, 2011

a little gameday fare

so the love of alabama football 
also provides the back drop for sharing favorite meals
with friends and family

this kick off game day we decided to stay home & be low key
but by the spread, it sounds anything but low key!
we cooked for us for today and plan to share
with the in-laws over the weekend

our menu 
smoked boston butt
smoked baby back ribs
bbq baked beans
potato salad

the smoking is mike's forte...
the sides, mine.
and since i am the blogger of the burnetts
today we'll focus on the sides

the slaw
my favorite new thing to do is enlist the help of my food processor!
i buy a head of cheap compared to the bagged
and since i use the food processor either way, i go cheap
i quarter the cabbage and then rough chop that,
when i put it in the food processor, i make sure to evenly distribute the cabbage
{my goal in tweaking my slaw recipe was that i always like the way
the cabbage is done in restaurants when it is chopped fine... so i tried the food processor
and it worked perfectly... the first time i used bagged cabbage/slaw and 
decided to use a head of cabbage this time... will repeat the head of cabbage}

quartered cabbage
food processored cabbage
added in a handful of baby carrots with the next batch for color
finished product! sooo good!
for my slaw i mix
a big blob of mayo {i use duke's--- always}
a tbsp of mustard-ish {ish is important because i eyeball all of this recipe}
1/2 bell pepper
1/4-1/2 sweet onion
2-3 tbsp of pickle juice
a big pinch of sugar
a dash or two of lemon juice
celery salt
celery seeds
rock salt
fresh ground pepper
{all seasons to taste--- again 'ish'}

i think i have blogged about my mama's potato salad before 
but i have spent too long looking for it, so here goes...
*i* think my mama's potato salad is the BEST!
she taught me a trick or two and i have added 
my own touch or two
so, to start...
i boiled 3#s of red potatoes
the trick is to peel them while they are fresh out of the pot
so, they're h*o*t!!!
i use my favorite williams-sonoma kitchen gloves
because they can take the heat!
once peeled, i slice thru the middle {long ways}
then i slice it into thirds {long ways} 
and then i slice it into thirds again {across/short ways?}
and put it in the bowl...
now, if i were a food blogger that would all be documented!
but it just didn't happen that way here
 and frankly it made me appreciate the art of food blogging even more!
 how the 'process' pictures are taken eludes me..
i hard-boiled 5 eggs and again, while warm, used the egg slicer
and put them in with the potatoes
i like to add sweet relish to mine, mama doesn't do this
i put it in the strainer to get rid of the excess liquid
i can't determine how much i used but i would say 1/2 cup?
i diced celery & bell pepper & onion
somewhere between 1/4-1/2 cup each
pinch of sugar
blob of duke's mayo
squirt of yellow mustard
celery seed
celery salt
season salt
rock salt
{can we say water retention? -actually i just use a bit of each, it's not that bad}
fresh ground black pepper
i love to taste test while it's still warm... always have 
soooo good!
oh and that blob of mayo? it can't drown the potato salad...just enough
not too much... not swimming in mayo- yuck.

and finally...baked beans
growing up i called the can of pork n beans
'baked beans'
my darling hubs pointed out the err of my ways
there is a {fairly substantial} difference
and it is a yummy one...
to a large can of bush's vegetarian {why? haven't a clue... read on}beans
i add
brown sugar
yellow mustard
bell pepper, 1/4 diced
onion, 1/4 diced
molasses, 1tbsp
and top it with bacon slices... vegetarian? um, no.
BAKE for an hour or so at about 375
{heating up in a pan on the stove top was the issue...
beans must be baked... and it makes a delicious difference!
although there is absolutely nothing wrong with just warming a can of beans
just please, don't call them 'baked beans' -
you might disappoint someone! lol...}
they get thick and delicious!
and are indeed baked.
  oh, and i have learned
baked beans are NO fun to clean up
so i use foil! much easier clean up...

this tailgate has been yummy & fun
football season signals that fall IS coming!
not soon enough, but at least it's close...

oh, and if sweets are your thing, these looked appropriate

and then everyone can get in on the game 
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