Sunday, September 4, 2011

gifting neccessities...

fortunately, i have been seeing less homeless people lately.
i used to see them regularly at the light from the interstate
or in the walmart parking lot
or even just walking down the main road
i tried to think of the last time i saw a homeless person 
and it's been awhile.
of course who can stand out in the heat, 
on the side of the road for very long anyway???
so, while i would love to think there are really less homeless,
i am afraid there are probably more now than ever
and it's just too darn hot for them to be out & about during the days.

i always feel the desire to help them...
of course dateline specials run through my head
about how some of them probably make all this money
and really aren't poor, only crooked
and i am sure there are people like that
but hopefully not 

my favorite times of giving to people like this are 
not when they're standing still & asking
but when they are en route to ???
who knows where?
it just feels good in my heart to surprise them
not make them 'ask'
but the giving is tinged with fear too,
i know it's not the safest thing to do---
and i do wonder, what on earth will they spend this on?
so in my blog reading i came across the concept of 
blessing bags
by a sweet southern lady who blogs @ a southern accent
what a neat concept!
i love it!!!

i think this would be very exciting and helpful to someone in need
i think when the weather cools off a bit, 
it would be fun to have a few of these in the car 
and hand them out as i come across someone in need,
and to take it a step further, 
put the ziplock bag in a reuseable shopping bag
something that would help them to have somewhere else
to store what little belongings they have

***i will admit, once mike and i were in atlanta for market
if you've never been to market, it's quite an experience
before you ever get in the mart during the big shows
 you've been approached by the bigger showrooms
who have people out in front of the main doors handing out bags
with their showroom logos and info on them
well, later on in the day when we were driving back to the hotel
or out to eat after a long day
we passed a man who appeared homeless
walking down the streets of atlanta
proudly sporting a CBK showroom bag...
in all its pinkness
it just tickled me so, at the time...
but in reality, he was probably pretty darn thrilled to 
have scored himself a nice new bag***

i think it is soooooo easy to be comfortable and forget
that the grocery store and weekly shopping trips are an enormous luxury, 
getting in your car & heading out and about, filling up with gas as needed, 
huge luxuries...
and really, once you're homeless, how easy is it to get back on your feet?
the sheer fear & concern of how you're going to make it through the day
 or where you're going to sleep or PEE even has got
to dominate your every thought!
i really cannot imagine the obstacles 
because i bet i don't even realize them all...

i hope this idea blesses someone and brightens their day!

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