Friday, September 9, 2011

Feature Friday!

i have decided that on most fridays
i will pick a product that i love {& sell} 
to feature!

i have become somewhat of a broker
for home based business
i have worked in sales in some capacity
for many of my working years starting at age 16
i worked at the gap, express, nine west
i worked for one day at a really cool restaurant
-it was just to help my friend's uncle with a soft opening, 
but it was fun!-
i love working from home
i have my hands in many pots, and that keeps it fun
and definitely challenges my organizational skills
{that's another post}

but we all work in sales...
just not everyone chooses to see it that way
but i see it all day, every day!
do you ever tell a friend about a product you love?
well, that is how i like to sell...
i share what i love.
if you love it too, buy it! if you don't, pass!
i would never be upset if someone didn't go see a movie i recommended
nor would i necessarily go see a movie just because it was recommended
if i like it, i go
if i don't, i don't
it helps me, a lot, to keep it simple

so, in the vein of simplicity, i will feature one or two things i love
on feature friday!
unless i don't feel like it, then i won't!
see? simple!

so today...
from bamboopink jewelry by judefrances
a new line of designer fashion jewelry that is 
classic, sexy, elegant & affordable---

 i love these.
the gold is a gorgeous and rich matte gold
and the coral is a deep red
perfect for fall!
{and also, perfect for the alabama fan too!}
they are $49
affordable and classic
these will stand the test of time

you can order them from me and make them yours
or just admire mine when i wear them- ha!

 you can browse or shop my website

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