Wednesday, September 7, 2011

be still my heart...

wordless and me,
we're not a match...
so i know a lot of bloggers opt for
wordless wednesday
-can't relate...
but i will attempt
less-wordy wednesday instead
and just share two things with you...

be still my heart 
was spoken after i saw this organizational nourishment

Source: via Juliet on Pinterest

oh that is just lovely! i happen to have OODLES
of ribbon.
on spools.
that drive me nuts!
did you know cardboard spools break?
they do.
then they are pretty much useless...
i could head it off at the pass, 
unroll the ribbon and
bag it!

and then the other beauty i must share
from my new favorite blog by inkybug
have you ever?!???!
a human being WROTE that!
i was meant to write like that...
only my hand doesn't know it yet...
that just makes me giddy...
 i luh, luh, luhhhve pretty writing.
luhve it.

not so sure that was really


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