Friday, September 16, 2011

Feature Friday!

what a fun feature today!
just released, in teaser format of course, yesterday
bamboopink unveiled this!!!
i was tickled pink! {gah, i know... sorry}
but seriously i really love this piece...
i love that bamboopink is giving back 
to a cause that has affected way too many folks
who are near and dear to our hearts

pre-ordering & details should be available very soon...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Feature Friday!

i have decided that on most fridays
i will pick a product that i love {& sell} 
to feature!

i have become somewhat of a broker
for home based business
i have worked in sales in some capacity
for many of my working years starting at age 16
i worked at the gap, express, nine west
i worked for one day at a really cool restaurant
-it was just to help my friend's uncle with a soft opening, 
but it was fun!-
i love working from home
i have my hands in many pots, and that keeps it fun
and definitely challenges my organizational skills
{that's another post}

but we all work in sales...
just not everyone chooses to see it that way
but i see it all day, every day!
do you ever tell a friend about a product you love?
well, that is how i like to sell...
i share what i love.
if you love it too, buy it! if you don't, pass!
i would never be upset if someone didn't go see a movie i recommended
nor would i necessarily go see a movie just because it was recommended
if i like it, i go
if i don't, i don't
it helps me, a lot, to keep it simple

so, in the vein of simplicity, i will feature one or two things i love
on feature friday!
unless i don't feel like it, then i won't!
see? simple!

so today...
from bamboopink jewelry by judefrances
a new line of designer fashion jewelry that is 
classic, sexy, elegant & affordable---

 i love these.
the gold is a gorgeous and rich matte gold
and the coral is a deep red
perfect for fall!
{and also, perfect for the alabama fan too!}
they are $49
affordable and classic
these will stand the test of time

you can order them from me and make them yours
or just admire mine when i wear them- ha!

 you can browse or shop my website

Thursday, September 8, 2011

play ball!

giles is at his very first team sport practice this evening...
it is time for soccer in the burnett house!
 i am so super excited!
i loved soccer as a child and played for 7 or 8 years.
i hope he loves it as well...
i know for the first several seasons it is just 
about learning how to be a part of a team
 and the structure is very loose
but i hope it primes him for a lifelong love of sports!
sweet daddy took him to practice tonight...
 i ended up on the phone & i hadn't even had a shower yet...
how sad is that?!??!
i will catch the next one.
and while the photo op was in progress
tucker reminded us that it was his nap time...
or he just needed our attention...
or he just wanted to be the subject of a photo!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

be still my heart...

wordless and me,
we're not a match...
so i know a lot of bloggers opt for
wordless wednesday
-can't relate...
but i will attempt
less-wordy wednesday instead
and just share two things with you...

be still my heart 
was spoken after i saw this organizational nourishment

Source: via Juliet on Pinterest

oh that is just lovely! i happen to have OODLES
of ribbon.
on spools.
that drive me nuts!
did you know cardboard spools break?
they do.
then they are pretty much useless...
i could head it off at the pass, 
unroll the ribbon and
bag it!

and then the other beauty i must share
from my new favorite blog by inkybug
have you ever?!???!
a human being WROTE that!
i was meant to write like that...
only my hand doesn't know it yet...
that just makes me giddy...
 i luh, luh, luhhhve pretty writing.
luhve it.

not so sure that was really


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

new adventures & amazing talent...

today we took our little guy to his soccer meeting
he starts playing this thursday,
first time for a team sport for us---
looking very forward to it!

no other news from us today...

came across this video on another blog
{i know my mom, lifelong pianist & organist, will appreciate}

Sunday, September 4, 2011

i happen to have one amazing sister
{who happens to always be taking care of others 
and is hard for me to find a picture of...
i found this one and this was a bit out of her comfort zone,
sister, have you ever even seen this one? LOL}
she is mom to four
and wife to a very fine brother-in-law
she is the voice of reason
has many close & sweet friendships with great friends
she embraces yoga & shares her love of it with children
teaching in an elementary school where her 4 children attend,
as well as at the ymca
she's got excellent taste in fashion & always looks beautiful
i am very happy to have been blessed with 
having her as my sister and best friend
for all of my life... {that makes me younger :)}
even back in the day when i was just a pesky little sister
 and she loves it when i remind her of memories i have
 of when she wasn't so nice... 
funny, she doesn't remember these times! hahahaha!
which makes the tales even more fun to tell... 
since we can't celebrate together today i made her a little smilebox
and am working on getting a little happy in the mail...
a tiny bit belated :)
hApPy BiRtHdAy, sister
Click to play this Smilebox greeting
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gifting neccessities...

fortunately, i have been seeing less homeless people lately.
i used to see them regularly at the light from the interstate
or in the walmart parking lot
or even just walking down the main road
i tried to think of the last time i saw a homeless person 
and it's been awhile.
of course who can stand out in the heat, 
on the side of the road for very long anyway???
so, while i would love to think there are really less homeless,
i am afraid there are probably more now than ever
and it's just too darn hot for them to be out & about during the days.

i always feel the desire to help them...
of course dateline specials run through my head
about how some of them probably make all this money
and really aren't poor, only crooked
and i am sure there are people like that
but hopefully not 

my favorite times of giving to people like this are 
not when they're standing still & asking
but when they are en route to ???
who knows where?
it just feels good in my heart to surprise them
not make them 'ask'
but the giving is tinged with fear too,
i know it's not the safest thing to do---
and i do wonder, what on earth will they spend this on?
so in my blog reading i came across the concept of 
blessing bags
by a sweet southern lady who blogs @ a southern accent
what a neat concept!
i love it!!!

i think this would be very exciting and helpful to someone in need
i think when the weather cools off a bit, 
it would be fun to have a few of these in the car 
and hand them out as i come across someone in need,
and to take it a step further, 
put the ziplock bag in a reuseable shopping bag
something that would help them to have somewhere else
to store what little belongings they have

***i will admit, once mike and i were in atlanta for market
if you've never been to market, it's quite an experience
before you ever get in the mart during the big shows
 you've been approached by the bigger showrooms
who have people out in front of the main doors handing out bags
with their showroom logos and info on them
well, later on in the day when we were driving back to the hotel
or out to eat after a long day
we passed a man who appeared homeless
walking down the streets of atlanta
proudly sporting a CBK showroom bag...
in all its pinkness
it just tickled me so, at the time...
but in reality, he was probably pretty darn thrilled to 
have scored himself a nice new bag***

i think it is soooooo easy to be comfortable and forget
that the grocery store and weekly shopping trips are an enormous luxury, 
getting in your car & heading out and about, filling up with gas as needed, 
huge luxuries...
and really, once you're homeless, how easy is it to get back on your feet?
the sheer fear & concern of how you're going to make it through the day
 or where you're going to sleep or PEE even has got
to dominate your every thought!
i really cannot imagine the obstacles 
because i bet i don't even realize them all...

i hope this idea blesses someone and brightens their day!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

a little gameday fare

so the love of alabama football 
also provides the back drop for sharing favorite meals
with friends and family

this kick off game day we decided to stay home & be low key
but by the spread, it sounds anything but low key!
we cooked for us for today and plan to share
with the in-laws over the weekend

our menu 
smoked boston butt
smoked baby back ribs
bbq baked beans
potato salad

the smoking is mike's forte...
the sides, mine.
and since i am the blogger of the burnetts
today we'll focus on the sides

the slaw
my favorite new thing to do is enlist the help of my food processor!
i buy a head of cheap compared to the bagged
and since i use the food processor either way, i go cheap
i quarter the cabbage and then rough chop that,
when i put it in the food processor, i make sure to evenly distribute the cabbage
{my goal in tweaking my slaw recipe was that i always like the way
the cabbage is done in restaurants when it is chopped fine... so i tried the food processor
and it worked perfectly... the first time i used bagged cabbage/slaw and 
decided to use a head of cabbage this time... will repeat the head of cabbage}

quartered cabbage
food processored cabbage
added in a handful of baby carrots with the next batch for color
finished product! sooo good!
for my slaw i mix
a big blob of mayo {i use duke's--- always}
a tbsp of mustard-ish {ish is important because i eyeball all of this recipe}
1/2 bell pepper
1/4-1/2 sweet onion
2-3 tbsp of pickle juice
a big pinch of sugar
a dash or two of lemon juice
celery salt
celery seeds
rock salt
fresh ground pepper
{all seasons to taste--- again 'ish'}

i think i have blogged about my mama's potato salad before 
but i have spent too long looking for it, so here goes...
*i* think my mama's potato salad is the BEST!
she taught me a trick or two and i have added 
my own touch or two
so, to start...
i boiled 3#s of red potatoes
the trick is to peel them while they are fresh out of the pot
so, they're h*o*t!!!
i use my favorite williams-sonoma kitchen gloves
because they can take the heat!
once peeled, i slice thru the middle {long ways}
then i slice it into thirds {long ways} 
and then i slice it into thirds again {across/short ways?}
and put it in the bowl...
now, if i were a food blogger that would all be documented!
but it just didn't happen that way here
 and frankly it made me appreciate the art of food blogging even more!
 how the 'process' pictures are taken eludes me..
i hard-boiled 5 eggs and again, while warm, used the egg slicer
and put them in with the potatoes
i like to add sweet relish to mine, mama doesn't do this
i put it in the strainer to get rid of the excess liquid
i can't determine how much i used but i would say 1/2 cup?
i diced celery & bell pepper & onion
somewhere between 1/4-1/2 cup each
pinch of sugar
blob of duke's mayo
squirt of yellow mustard
celery seed
celery salt
season salt
rock salt
{can we say water retention? -actually i just use a bit of each, it's not that bad}
fresh ground black pepper
i love to taste test while it's still warm... always have 
soooo good!
oh and that blob of mayo? it can't drown the potato salad...just enough
not too much... not swimming in mayo- yuck.

and finally...baked beans
growing up i called the can of pork n beans
'baked beans'
my darling hubs pointed out the err of my ways
there is a {fairly substantial} difference
and it is a yummy one...
to a large can of bush's vegetarian {why? haven't a clue... read on}beans
i add
brown sugar
yellow mustard
bell pepper, 1/4 diced
onion, 1/4 diced
molasses, 1tbsp
and top it with bacon slices... vegetarian? um, no.
BAKE for an hour or so at about 375
{heating up in a pan on the stove top was the issue...
beans must be baked... and it makes a delicious difference!
although there is absolutely nothing wrong with just warming a can of beans
just please, don't call them 'baked beans' -
you might disappoint someone! lol...}
they get thick and delicious!
and are indeed baked.
  oh, and i have learned
baked beans are NO fun to clean up
so i use foil! much easier clean up...

this tailgate has been yummy & fun
football season signals that fall IS coming!
not soon enough, but at least it's close...

oh, and if sweets are your thing, these looked appropriate

and then everyone can get in on the game 
via pinterest


Friday, September 2, 2011


Roll Tide!
kick off of football season around here 
actually changes the atmosphere! seriously!
not being from a "college" town,
this has been a happy adjustment to make over the years
today my discussion with the walmart checker outer
revealed she was an ohio fan by default,
she really doesn't get the game and is a fan because her husband is a fan
but in true tuscaloosa fashion, 
our transaction ended with a hearty and reciprocal
lol... she said it first :)

this morning i laid giles' clothes out on his bed
Alabama football jersey
khaki shorts
new balance
what's to question?
well, in his sweet four year old thoughts, he was worried
he asked, "what if my friends laugh at me?"
{i guess he doesn't remember all the times he's worn the jersey before???}
i knew better
but i decided to take the time to talk about how important it is
not to judge what you like/do based on whether others like/do it
he seemed to take the lesson to heart--- in his four year old way
fast-forward to carpool line 
where my heart swelled as i saw his delight
when he and two other little blonde boys 
were holding the teacher's hand going into school
with their Alabama jerseys on
he was grinning ear to ear while proclaiming to his friend
"we've got on the same jersey!!!"
so proud of himself
it was a sweet moment that revealed a good lesson in
trust mom {bonus!}
be brave even when you think you might get laughed at
enjoying good times with friends, celebrating your similarities!
so football is definitely in the air around here!

now off to prepare for our own little tailgate we'll enjoy right here at home
smoked ribs, potato salad, baked beans
it's gonna be good!