Wednesday, August 31, 2011


can't do too much with the title.
it's wednesday.

i am in the state of overwhelm!
so much to do, where to start?
wanna hear my list?
running my new bamboopink business
running my old pink peeps place business
new ideas for both
getting rid of excess stuff around the house
keeping my house tidy
not to mention *clean*!
being an entertaining AND productive work at home MOM
enjoying my child while he's a child
wanting to be available to volunteer, be an involved friend, 
a Christian that walks the walk, a good and attentive wife
and be as healthy as possible too...
and *doing* all of these things... not perfectly, but just doing them.
i am trying to employ the quote
"don't trade what you want most, for what you want in the moment"
to my every day thinking...
but sometimes i forget
and sometimes the moment seems like all there is?
anyway... i really shouldn't go so long between posts...
i am not sure it's a good thing at all! LOL...
i will leave you with a picture of my sweet boy...
it's his first day of his new preschool
& he's so excited!

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