Wednesday, August 31, 2011


can't do too much with the title.
it's wednesday.

i am in the state of overwhelm!
so much to do, where to start?
wanna hear my list?
running my new bamboopink business
running my old pink peeps place business
new ideas for both
getting rid of excess stuff around the house
keeping my house tidy
not to mention *clean*!
being an entertaining AND productive work at home MOM
enjoying my child while he's a child
wanting to be available to volunteer, be an involved friend, 
a Christian that walks the walk, a good and attentive wife
and be as healthy as possible too...
and *doing* all of these things... not perfectly, but just doing them.
i am trying to employ the quote
"don't trade what you want most, for what you want in the moment"
to my every day thinking...
but sometimes i forget
and sometimes the moment seems like all there is?
anyway... i really shouldn't go so long between posts...
i am not sure it's a good thing at all! LOL...
i will leave you with a picture of my sweet boy...
it's his first day of his new preschool
& he's so excited!

welcome to state of overwhelm!

which is totally where i am! since last post we've had a birthday {or 4 if we move past giles!}, learned to ride a two-wheeled bike with no training wheels and visited the dentist for the first time... and that's just the stuff my brain can actually remember!
summer has been great. giles went to cooking school and weather school for two sessions at the capitol school. it is a montessori school that has great summer programs. each last two weeks and allowed us to feel the freedom of summer with out getting too monotonous. he brought home a cookbook from his cooking session. they made all kinds of fun things like smoothies, pancakes, english muffin pizzas...
kinda makes for a cute little chef

in july giles turned 4 which is so very hard to believe...
here at 2 months....

::continuing about 3 weeks after i started writing::
oh the frustrations of technology sometimes.
i started this post and went to retrieve the mountain of pictures 
that needed to accompany...
for some reason, they are all a bunch of rainbow colored lines
the whole camera card seems to have had a major issue.
so, closing this post and moving on. 
i will gladly recap if and when my dear technical
hubby has a few minutes to correct...
gah. yuck. o well.