Friday, April 8, 2011

absence makes the heart grow fonder...

can that please apply to the bloggy world? it's been awhile. i hate that. life has been busy and blogging hasn't been on the list. but, now that my parent's have giles for awhile {like 10+ days!!!} and i am giving myself some down time this afternoon... blogging just rose to the top again! just like that! imagine.

so, these sweet silly fellas are my life
nah... really, they are sweet ...
and one is going to be gone for a few {like 10+... did i say that already?!??!} days with his grandparents... i can't imagine how they will wear each other out. but, based on the proposed agenda... it's going to be rigorous FUN!!! to be little or old {sorry mom ;)} those are the days!!! {mom, you know i am only kidding!!!}
anyway... i don't know quite what to do with myself! for the afternoon at least. starting tomorrow, i will be painting like a mad bunny. easter baskets galore!!! my DEN will be my studio instead of my studio... that way i can at least watch a little t.v. while i work...
i am so glad giles and i have had some fun times together in this past week... sometimes working from home can take over time. i am learning {and LOVING} to live balance with it. it is SUCH a tremendous blessing. so... the other day i was asking my little bottomless pit what he wanted to eat next. at first it was 'eggs' and before i could answer he said 'green eggs and ham!' so... to that i said, 'sure!' and so green eggs and ham it was... not too terribly appetizing... and only the eggs were green, i mean, come on! at least pit was pleased ;)
and one morning it was allll games! we brought out an alphabet and number puzzle. we hadn't worked in awhile. it used to be VERY challenging for me too get excited about bringing it out. i mean we're talking  26 letters PLUS 26 pictures to match plus 10 numbers with matching pieces...we're talking a lot of work for mom! because before we would even get 1/2 way through matching... someone had lost interest and that would be in matching AND cleaning up. SO! this time, it was glorious!!! i enjoyed it. and more importantly, giles enjoyed it. and it showcased how much he's learned!!! not that i had doubt... but it was just fun :) and right after that, we went old school. lacing cards. THAT might take a little time to figure out. but, we're in no hurry ;)
oh! i almost forgot!... hubby brought me home some flowers :) and he's on his way with thai food... and i love thai food...SO deliciouso!
nevermind the dust, people. i dusted like two days ago. the pollen is BEYOND ridiculous. we are total open air folks around here. you won't hear the hum of the a/c until the last possible second. so... as a result, {well, let's not forget about the contributions of two cats and a grumpy yorkie} we are sporting a dust layer pretty regularly. thanks for the flowers, mikey :) i love them!!!
and finally... the end... of my car, that is... if you see this
 when you're riding around, that's me! i am starting a new jewelry company and was so excited to get my decal from two preppy girls
around april 15th i will be able to start selling the jewelry and i would love to have you as my customer! this has been such an exciting opportunity and i can't wait to share it with you!!!
have a wonderful weekend... and go give someone you love a hug and tell them that you love them!!!