Monday, March 14, 2011

and then there were five...

fabulous room from southern living idea  house
house guests, that is...
not here, mind you...
but, it is spring break, so maybe you have some house guests heading your way at some point in the week.
this is a fairly comprehensive list of how to accommodate guests in a small space... which could then apply to any size home!
i *wish* i was having house guests {no guilt, parentals...} but honestly working, mmm- most hours in the day, might leave little room for preparing, much less entertaining house guests!
my newest venture has take on a life of it's own- in the BEST way possible! i am meeting new people every day and having really great conversations and i haven't even left my house!

so, if you find yourself on the receiving end of house guests, i hope this helped shed some light on how to make it organized so that it can be easy... because, don't forget! you want to ENJOY those house guests!
and they came to see you... not your house as a showcase!

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