Sunday, March 20, 2011


image from here

and while i was here i learned what the 5 hottest colors from spring are! wow! and all i was looking for was a happy reminder of spring in a picture! google amazes! lol...

i do hope that all of you have been surrounded by weather perfection lately, and especially today, on this first day of spring! i can't complain... this was our spring break week and being home with no real deadlines was the best. no alarm clocks, packing lunches, picking out outfits for school, cleaning out backpacks.... all of those are minor things, but they're still "to-do's" on your list... and having a week off was perfect! i can't believe how little there is left of this school year! and giles will be out the entire week after Easter too... and then it'll be summer time!!! 

here is to having an excellent week. decide it will be all that you hope it will be. i personally am setting a goal or two... maybe you can do the same? blessings... ccb

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