Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I met up with a mental mugger this morning...

"Mental Muggers: Don’t let toxic people rob you

When you are being mentally mugged by the toxic types, your self-confidence is in harms way.  Here are weapons that help you take aim:

  • Relive a confident moment. Dig back in your memory bank and recapture an event when you delivered the kind of success you want.  Remember as much detail as you can. It’s true – you become what you think about.
  • Stop “awfulizing.” You must train yourself to put on the brakes when your thinking wanders to a devastating event. Every time you relive a mental mugging, it seems just a little bit worse and becomes an even more awful event. Get a good weapon to take out the mental terrorists.
  • Put on your rational fighting gloves. Over learn a positive quote, saying, or mantra to replace the negativity. Try this one:  “No matter what you say or do to me, I’m still a worthwhile person.” Use the broken record technique by saying it repeatedly to yourself.
  • Arrest the mental muggers in your life and send them off to solitary confinement. Enlist people that are supportive of you.  Welcome people that will keep you realistic and focused on strengths while keeping you grounded in reality. And listen to them. Continue to learn as much as you can!
  • Learn to stand up for your rights.  When you are given objective criticism, don’t take it as a mugging.  Question the input (and that’s all it is – input).  Your perception makes it a mental mugging.  Store these words so you can use them quickly, “You may be right, help me understand where you’re coming from.”
Remember the old childhood rhyme of “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me?”  You are the one that perceives what the words actually mean, not someone else.  This one of the reasons you must train yourself and your work group to be better at handling difficult people in the workplace.
How do you manage toxic behavior?"

I totally had a moment this morning with a mental mugger. And then I went on Facebook and saw this. I had already pretty much gotten over it. But, it was still with me a little bit. People can be tough on people. I try to remember that I do not know what someone else is going through. If nothing else, this economy has helped remind more people to not assume the grass is always greener. We have all heard stories about other people that made us say to ourselves, "I had no idea..." -pertaining to someone else's misfortune. So, I just thought I would share what I found on FB. It helped me, maybe it will help you too! 
I manage toxic behavior with prayer. I pray that I am patient, kind in thought and empathetic to the person who is toxic to me. I need to do all of that BEFORE I call my go-to friends/sister and unload :). lol....

I hope you all are able to enjoy this beautiful day! If you are traveling... be safe in your travels. If I love you and haven't told you lately... I love you!!! If I don't know you but you're reading, I love you, too! :)))

Sunday, March 20, 2011


image from here

and while i was here i learned what the 5 hottest colors from spring are! wow! and all i was looking for was a happy reminder of spring in a picture! google amazes! lol...

i do hope that all of you have been surrounded by weather perfection lately, and especially today, on this first day of spring! i can't complain... this was our spring break week and being home with no real deadlines was the best. no alarm clocks, packing lunches, picking out outfits for school, cleaning out backpacks.... all of those are minor things, but they're still "to-do's" on your list... and having a week off was perfect! i can't believe how little there is left of this school year! and giles will be out the entire week after Easter too... and then it'll be summer time!!! 

here is to having an excellent week. decide it will be all that you hope it will be. i personally am setting a goal or two... maybe you can do the same? blessings... ccb

Friday, March 18, 2011

moving on!

 i am ready to see Easter in now... christmas, it can linger a day or two... but st patty's day? nah.... moving on! in fact i am going to hang our cute little eggs in the vine on our porch today. and moving on is fitting for another reason... giles spent the night out for the very first time! well, he's traveled to my parent's house before and stayed several days... but here in town? nope, he's never spent the night out... so, he finally mentioned it and we thought, 'what the heck?' so, he SUCCESSFULLY spent the entire night with his mimi and poppy. I know we've opened a can of worms now... maybe that is why *we* never suggested he stay over there- lol... so, i think i will try to surprise him with a little easter decor to greet him at the door...

and since this next project takes a few days, i thought i would go ahead and post something cute i found over at holiday crafts and creations! enjoy =) um, ps..., those daffodils are precious... just not so sure mine will turn out anything like the ones pictured... we'll see....


Materials For Teacup Crafts: Easter Place Cards

teacup crafts
  • Teacups
  • Potting soil
  • Grass seeds (we used cat grass seeds from a pet store)
  • Drainage material (sand, gravel, styrofoam, etc.)
  • Cling wrap
  • Mister/spray bottle
  • Floral wire and wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scrapbooking paper (yellow, white and orange)
  • Small brads (yellow and orange)
  • Scissors
  • Daffodil and name tag template

Instructions For Teacup Crafts: Easter Place Cards

Before you begin, you may want to consider lining your teacups with cling wrap to help prevent the soil from staining the teacup. On that note, you may also want to buy your teacups at a second-hand or discount store rather than using a good set you own, because even with a lining, they may be stained by the soil.
Once the teacups are lined, put in the drainage material. Put about 1/2" to 1" deep. See photo A. Then proceed to place soil in your teacup. Don’t fill it too full yet. Cover the soil with a layer of your grass seeds. See photo B. You may even want the soil level to be a little lower than how we’ve shown it in photo B, as the grass tends to push the dirt up as it grows. Of course, then cover the seeds with another layer of soil. Make sure the soil is very moist.
teacup crafts teacup crafts
Be sure to follow the growing instructions on the package of seeds. They should say how important it is to keep the soil/seeds moist. We find it is best to use the spray bottle to water the seeds so they become moist but not flooded due to the lack of drainage holes.

teacup crafts
You will probably have to wait about 2 weeks before the grass is tall enough and more importantly, thick enough, to use. Photo C shows the grass at 1 week. The grass tends to grow quickly once it is up, but the second week is needed for other blades to fill in and make the grass thicker. You will probably have to trim the grass once or twice so it is not ridiculously high!

While you are waiting for your grass to be ready, you can make the paper daffodils. Start by printing out the daffodil and name tag template. We have provided the patterns for two different sizes of daffodils, marked by "1" and "2" so you know which pieces go together.
teacup crafts
Trace the patterns onto various colors of scrapbooking paper and cut them out. The largest daffodil shape in each set is to remain flat. Then the smaller shape is to have each of the petals creased down the center. The smallest "trumpet" portion is to be folded in and out around the center to create a trumpet look. Then place the trumpet in the center of the creased flower, and that flower on the flat one, and secure them together with a brad through the center. See photo D for some examples.

teacup crafts
Cut your floral wire into shorter pieces for each daffodil. Be sure to measure about how high you want the daffodils to stand out of the grass before you make your cuts. Then place a dab of hot glue on the back of each daffodil and place the end of a piece of wire into the glue. See photo E.
You may also want to cut out a second copy of the larger daffodil shape in each size to glue to the back of each daffodil. This way the back of the brad and the glue as you see in photo E will be covered up when viewing the backs of the daffodils.

If you will be using these teacups as place cards, be sure to use the name tag template to create a tag that can be hole-punched and tied onto the handle of each teacup with a small piece of ribbon.

Now once your grass is ready, all that is left is to stick the daffodils into each teacup and perhaps fill in the grass with some chocolate eggs! Place these at each guest's spot, or use them to create a darling centerpiece for your table!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


i definitely need to do some laundry... it never fails, when you need a certain 'something' to wear around here, you're likely to find it in the dirty clothes... not the closet or and tomorrow we need green!!!

anyway, this won't help with your laundry, but it made me smile {which laundry rarely does anyway!!!}

luck o' the irish to ya!

Monday, March 14, 2011

and then there were five...

fabulous room from southern living idea  house
house guests, that is...
not here, mind you...
but, it is spring break, so maybe you have some house guests heading your way at some point in the week.
this is a fairly comprehensive list of how to accommodate guests in a small space... which could then apply to any size home!
i *wish* i was having house guests {no guilt, parentals...} but honestly working, mmm- most hours in the day, might leave little room for preparing, much less entertaining house guests!
my newest venture has take on a life of it's own- in the BEST way possible! i am meeting new people every day and having really great conversations and i haven't even left my house!

so, if you find yourself on the receiving end of house guests, i hope this helped shed some light on how to make it organized so that it can be easy... because, don't forget! you want to ENJOY those house guests!
and they came to see you... not your house as a showcase!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


just got to...
tucker totally helped himself to the ladder on our back deck. he just needed to see things a little differently. a little different lighting, elevation... a little excitement added in the mix {um, hello? a cat CLIMBING a ladder from the bottom to the top... that was kind of exhilarating, i am sure...}
i hope you enjoyed that. it was one of those moments you want to freeze in time and get SOMEONE there with you to make sure you're not having some kind of strange reaction to medication or something- lol.... mike called me urgently... so, of course, i come out there only to have to quietly depart to immediately get the camera. he really was at the bottom when this all started.

anyway... i chose perspective because i needed to change mine a little. for years mike and i have been working together in some capacity. it's {o, just had a pang of doubt even as i write this!!!--- just being real!} always been something introduced to me... never the other way around. mike's the one who's got really great ideas. i just support and follow. well... it's a little different now. i found something and brought it to him. so i get a little different perspective. and i like it! i love that we have found something that suits me to a "t" but we can utilize all of his great ideas and knowledge. it is exciting, exhilarating, unsettling, a confidence boost, scary, awesome & surreal, all wrapped in one!  i have been praying A LOT. you {me} ask God, "please be with me, guide me, have mercy on me, throw a spotlight on what you want me to see"... and then when you think he is... well, it's allllll of those things i just listed in the previous sentence. God, are you talking TO ME? i wish there was a booming voice. but instead, i am going to go with my gut instinct--- it is God-given, afterall.... and thank God for showing me a way to answer some of my most fervent prayers of late.

when you connect with someone after life has just taken you in different directions, when you re-connect with  a friend who is struggling and needs a gift, when you meet new people who appreciate your efforts to help them in any way you possibly can... can it be anything but an answered prayer? i just don't think so...
i am just going to thank God and keep moving. if i have learned anything about God in my ongoing quest to understand my Savior better; he helps those who help themselves. i can't go into some dark corner and pray for an answer to my prayers and expect something to happen. i just can't. but, i can get up every day and put on my armour the world can make you glad you have and go. to. work. i hope, and pray, to inspire others to do the same. i want to makes sure that i set an example of faith, in action. i am not sure i always have. but i am sure that i hope i can. i want to remember that. and make God happy to answer my prayers. and those of people i love.