Tuesday, February 15, 2011


sometimes, ya just got to take the pressure off... a catchy title? not in the cards today... however, with titles, ya tend to go with something that draws you in to the content. maybe adds a hint of mystery? well, my day today... there is little mystery. it's pretty mundane. well, it's actually quite poopy. so, maybe poopy should have been the title. i got to hear from giles' teacher, he was all about poop talk again today... three!!!! i am going to be really glad when the days of poop talk are a thing of the past. i know, i know... one day i will wish that poop was the only problem we were dealing with... eeek! on all of it!
so, the bloggie got a little face lift... the colors are revealing my desire for spring! it's high! i want a looooong spring... but in alabama, spring is fleeting. i am in the thick of basket painting. there will be a little lull while i wait on more supplies, but i am looking forward to that time so i can get my office super organized and be ready for the real rush coming mid march thru mid april... bring it on!
my latest creation... new color scheme for the basket, i am liking it!

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