Friday, February 11, 2011


let it be known that today, friday, february 11, 2011, giles sang himself to sleep for his nap singing about poop. various lyrics, incidences, topics, songs, tunes, etc all dedicated to the almighty poop. it, i might add, also happens to be the topic of discussion at school, i hear. niiiice. i knew that 'boy topics' were coming, but it still someone blindsided me.
oh, and while we're keeping record. he also told his first fib to me today. i called down the hall from the kitchen because i could hear him moving about. i asked him where he was. he told me he was in his room. but he wasn't, he was in my office. hmpf. every time often when he's told me the truth in a situation where i know kids might be tempted to fib or omit or, well- you get the idea, i say a little prayer of thanks for the sweet innocence and the fact that he's honest. well, i knew it was coming... and it is hard to think your 'little talk' about being honest and completely truthful makes any sense to his little self. but you have to have the talk... and keep having that talk. and parenting just got a little harder and a little more exhausting.
at least he's really darn cute {i *am* his mama... i can't help myself!}

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