Friday, February 4, 2011

here comes peter cottontail...

well, he's not coming quite yet... but he is on his way in what will feel like a few short weeks to me! i am painting lots and know that *all* i will be doing sooner than later is painting... which i love, so yay! one new mommy-to-be is enjoying a Pink Peeps hand painted easter basket and several more will be soon! i love, love, love painting baskets for mommies-to-be! that part of my business has really picked up over the past year. i am glad that my peeps are happy to give an easter basket year 'round! even at christmastime!
if you think you might have a baby shower coming up or are planning to go visit a new mommy in the hospital, let me know your favorite design and let's get that baby a basket!
thank you to all who have supported this venture, it is so much fun!

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