Monday, February 14, 2011

happy, honey!

valentine's day 2010

here's to you, mikey! thank you for loving me, no matter what. thank you for loving me when i am being 'ugly.' thank you for loving me when i am being selfish and thinking about me, me, me! thank you for always encouraging us to push the envelope. thank you for being safe and very bold, all at the same time. thank you for taking us on this journey in our lives. no one could ever, ever, ever understand how we work... but that's fine, because no one has to! lol...
thank you for giles. he is a delight. the gift of giles to me is better than any thing. he's a miracle. he's a constant reminder that we have come together in this big world and have a family together. it's the three of us. there is nothing that excites me more than my family. even in the darkest moments, and o my have we had those, there is *always* the brightness of my family.
thank you for going down the path of life right next to me. thank you for the memories and exciting times that lie ahead. i can and can't {all at the same time!} imagine how it will all play out. i love the mystery, but also the confidence that i have that it all will...
i love you mikey... and am so happy you're my valentine... xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Babe! LOVE!