Friday, January 21, 2011


i guess i had hoped a cute new blog would suddenly insure that i had great topics, time for photos, time to write, etc... did i really think that would happen? lol... well, it didn't...
ron-sir and stephen

with that being said, i do have a great topic to blog about... you see, the world has passed on a wonderful man into the loving hands of our savior. 'ron sir' was my sister's father-in-law.  I believe he acquired that name from his oldest grandchild Katie when she was first learning to talk. He was married to haha, and I think Katie coined that name for her as well. Ron and betty were married for over 50 years. They raised two wonderful children, Teri & Stephen. I am fortunate to call Stephen my brother. He is married to my sister Helen Anne & they have four fantastic kids {anna jane, Nicholas, Cecilia & james}.
At ron’s funeral mass, he was remembered, honored & revered in a most beautiful way. Msgr John McArthur spoke of the wonderful Ron-Sir. In fact, at one point he said “Ron certainly…” something, don’t remember because as soon as he said that Ron’s nickname “ron-sir” immediately popped in my head. It was so funny to me. I remember thinking, did anyone else just hear that like I did? And then I zoned out into a little dialogue in my head of all of the great things Ron “sirtainly” was. He was funny, clever, a lover of music, smart, savvy, a sharp dresser, a devoted- and I mean devoted!- daddy and husband. He was a brother, father, husband, son, child of God. Just an amazing human being. Loved by lots of folks. Missed by lots of folks.
He’s left a gaping hole in the lives of those he was closest to. One that time will help to heal, but slowly; painful at times, two steps forward one back, seemingly not at all at times… He’s ‘sirtainly’ in Heaven, he’s ‘sirtainly’ our guardian angel and he ‘sirtainly’ led a life that was full, effective, exciting & real. He lived. And he continues to do so in our hearts and minds, in the memories we have, the pictures we treasure & the love that he shared and we felt.
We ‘sirtainly’ miss you Ron-Sir…

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post Catherine. It was an honor to be one of Ron's Pall Bearers. He will be missed and I hate he is gone but his funeral was one of the most spiritually uplifting, dignified, classy things I have ever witnessed.
Mike Burnett