Monday, January 10, 2011

lookin' good...& PT

hi friends & fam... welcome to my newly designed blog! my new cyber-friend julie did a wonderful job helping me to pull it off... i have a lot of work to do to make the content match the fun design!
i am tired of centering my content... so that's off the table, ...until i miss it. =)
soooo much has gone on in life since my last post! i plan to recap the highlights asap... but the biggest highlight, and i do mean *biggest highlight* of my life has occurred in the past 24 hours. giles is pull-up free!!! i think we've officially conquered potty training! i toyed with opening a brand new big pack of huggies pull ups for a few days. we even went so far as to use a few reserve diapers so as not to have to open a new pack... but, i guess opening them was the tipping point ;)... open pullups = potty trained!
so far, we've had 1 full sleep overnight & currently we're testing the market for naps. i think he's pretty darn proud of himself, so it seems to be the real deal. we've been accident free for about a month now, and that has been a big ol boost to him feeling successful with the potty.
i can't say that we followed this advice specifically, but sarah has definitely got a good grip on parenting and the advice is worth a read if that is a current, or soon to be current, issue: potty training with sarah!

we had a most fantastic christmas season... it came & went much faster than i would have liked. giles being 3 1/2 made a big difference in the joy of christmas. he just really enjoyed it this year and that made it even more fun for us. he loved sharing that it was jesus' birthday to anyone and everyone... i love that he gets that!!! {well, as best as he can}. he loves telling people what HE got for JESUS' birthday... i think he was quite pleased with getting presents on someone else's special day.
our christmas card...

thanks for checking in with the peeps... basket orders are already starting to come in for which i am so very, very grateful! i love painting baskets for little peeps. it is just so much fun to me. i didn't neccesarily have a *special* easter basket growing up, but i did have a stocking that was handmade just for me. and i really loved that stocking. it was just really meaningful to me that someone took the time to make something with my name on it, just for me. so, i feel good when i am making these baskets; that someone will enjoy knowing that they have an easter basket that has been made especially for them.

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