Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a little Christmas catch up!

i do realized it is over halfway thru january, i do. but i would hate to not have some record of the fun times we had this christmas! so, i thought i would do a quick recap...
first of all... i know i already shared our cmas card, but if you have ever taken a kid photo before, you know it's never just 'simple.' so i decided to include a few of the pics that were the pre-cursor to 'the one.' i am sure one day when i have mastered {HA!} the art of photography, the quality of these photos will make me feel queasy. but, seeing as how that is a day far away, i am going to share anyway. and hope that i get to take those photography classes that mikey gave me for cmas sooner than later!

we had fun... we tried a number of different times, this session had just the right amount of sleep, good mood & bribery going, plus mama had her new camera!
i must say 3.5 is a FUN age for cmas festivities! we visited with santa at the junior league breakfast with santa. giles was intrigued and not scared, which definitely made for a good morning. he was the first one to sit in santa's lap. he asked for scissors and markers. santa listened... he got both.
mikey & gilesy at JL breakfast w santa
there are those scissors and markers!

taking a little detour before sharing all of the cmas fun... we actually had a sad cmas eve morning... we unexpectedly lost our 14yr old yellow lab. we let george {our yorkie} out in the back yard to go potty around 6:40-6:45am. he's a mouthy little critter & so it was not unusual at all for him to bark A LOT to come back inside. we actually made a special request to santa to come a day early, on cmas eve morning, since we would be traveling early on cmas day morning. he complied! so, while george was going potty, giles was discovering what santa brought. well, one can only take so much of george yapping, so he wasn't out very long. but it was strange. when mike went to open the door to the deck to let george in, he wouldn't come. he was standing in the middle of the deck, not by the door like he normally does when he wants to come in. mike went out to see what his issue was. george led him down the steps and around the side of the deck. saint was in the grass, very swollen & moaning. the whole episode lasted a short while with the conclusion being that my sweet friend lucy {who is also a vet} came to see if there was anything that could be done. it was so very sad. his stomach had twisted, a condition called bloat. lucy kindly drove mikey & saint to the vet.  we miss that 'ol doofus!
saint 1996-2010
on a lighter note...
we were fortunate to be able to celebrate with both sides of the family. we were with mike's family on cmas eve. giles is very into cars and his sweet cousin lauren made sure he had plenty... like a tube of FIFTY of them! and he also loves his tools... so his aunt & uncle got him a set of about THIRTY of them... and we mentioned that he might enjoy some track for his cars... so he got a hot wheels case that is a fold up 'on-the-go' type set--- that comes with some crazy car-eating shark? can't explain. i don't think giles even notices that element... but then again, kids are always more observant than given credit for being... so, hopefully he won't be scarred from the man-eating shark creature... i mean he's handling scooby-doo and all the mystery machine antics just fine! he loved every. single. present. like really, plays with them--- by himself even! he loves to pretend. he is very self-sufficient with play time.
i actually am just now realizing that i didn't take one single picture at the burnett family cmas eve celebration! i am sure you can imagine... the chaos of about twelve people all opening gifts at the SAME time!!!
at mass, which followed after cmas eve dinner and presents with mike's family, we had a bit of a scare. fr holloway {we went to the university parish church for this mass due to time of mass and our travel schedule, so, not our regular parish church} invited all of the children to come up to the altar for the homily. he was going to read them a book about the christmas story. well, giles had been on "GO" all day, he was 'dressed up', tired, hungry {who stops playing with toys to eat?!?!?} and going without a nap... that makes for an interesting recipe for a toddler. anyway! so, fr holloway extends this invite to the kids. giles is up for it and heads on down several pews to the front of the church. by the altar. not too far from fr holloway. but not quite close enough for him to be captivated by the story? maybe? because after a few minutes of seeing the top of his blond mop in one spot in the crowd of kids... you see it traveling a bit. towards the 'child-sized' nativity. this nativity is about toddler height. and seems to be attracting one right in front of me! i am a bit panicked. fr holloway is somewhat 'no frills'--- i just can't see him being too thrilled with the distraction--- if he had been aware. but somehow giles kept a low profile and more importantly, didn't permanently rearrange the nativity OR bring back a piece or two to the pew... i felt a little closer to Jesus after that episode ;).
on cmas day we headed to memphis to celebrate a little more. it was great being there. giles likes the 24/7 life of having 4 'brothers and sisters' {actually, cousins} and all of their friends around. he just gets so excited about playing with them! and they are very, very good with him. very patient & entertaining.
james & giles

giles, helen anne & anna jane

 i love the time spent with family. as you can see, there was an attempt to play 'memory' with giles... it lasted a very short time... but at least i have captured the attempt- ha ha ha!!!
we had a great holiday & are so very grateful for the time spent with our families. to think that all this cmas stuff {the commercial part} goes on & it is all in *honor* of our savior... i know that the presents are a big part of the fun of the family gathering, i enjoy that part a lot! but what really gets me, like gives me chills or makes my eyes tear up at random times, is that we are all brought *together* during this time. and i think Jesus is most pleased to see families come together & break bread and remember what is really important. like every other year, i have my mind set on keeping the season simple & reverent... some days are easier to do that than others... just have to keep putting forth the effort & praying... offering up our failures and shortcomings and vowing to do better... every day... a little bit...can i get an 'amen'? amen! love ya peeps!

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