Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble! Gobble!

good morning!
and i do meaning morning, it's only 5:30
and i have been up since before 4!
i am 38 today!
and it's thanksgiving-
with lots to be thankful for...
on our way to see my family
we passed a 'church sign'
'count your blessings,
not your burdens'
and i think this is a good philosophy
because if you really think about it
aren't we all greatly blessed?
and don't you need the burdens 
to see just how blessed you really are?
it definitely keeps me in check...
so since september's post
we've had halloween
as a football player
and went to trunk or treat
where we met up with classmate 
and alabama cheerleader, maggie
 rode a pony
 enjoying a spidey snack
 decorating our pumpkin
and heading to alabama indoor practice facility
to have a little halloween fun!
jack and giles had a big time
giles loved playing soccer with the alabama girls soccer players
and getting his picture taken with the dance team
he had a great time running
in his school fundraiser
he ran all 30 laps!!!
i was worried about how he'd do
with me there...
it was the first activity of the school year
and you just never know how it'll go
i was worried that having mommy there 
might be a distraction,
but he just grinned every lap he saw me
it was so much fun to be there with him...
he's really into cereal and milk, 
which makes for a really easy meal
for which i am so grateful!
giles enjoyed being star student
mrs mccullough showcased
fun facts and pictures 
about giles
he had nooooo problem
being the star of the show
for the week!

 for thanksgiving
giles was a pilgrim
who ate alphabet vegetable soup
with his friends
o, and he had a juice box
just like the pilgrims had,
so cute...
 and despite the camo,
giles is having fun at cypress inn
with his cousin katie
after she was crowed beauty queen
at her beauty walk
he loves katie!
 and his cousin duncan
and 'talkin' on the phone
while waiting for dinner...
more pics to come soon!!!