Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept update....

just checking in for a little update
the last two posts have been fun giveaways...
still have yet to win one of those kinds 
of fun giveaways!
o well.
so in sept we have had some fun activity
with the highlight being a week's stay at
the beach club in gulf shores
it was a treat to stay in a 
'condo castle' for a few days and get away from it all...
but before we get to that...
it was time for giles' 3 year check up
that is a visit with no shots...
unless your parents decide you need the flu shot
that requires you get the shot at the first visit
and come for a FOLLOW UP shot on a SECOND visit!
so much for looking forward to a no shot dr visit...
daddy and giles waiting on dr buettner
mommy getting in a little love while waiting on the dr
giles was a big ol trooper when it came to the shots
he had the most shocked expression for about a split second
and then he cried for another split second
and then he was excited to have a sticker on his boo-boo
{that would be a kiddie band-aid, but whatever! it's a sticker!}
we were so proud of him...
for stats sake: right around 50% on weight and 75% on height
he weighed 34 pounds and was 38.5in tall
now we just need to find us a dentist...

so... having a chance to head to the beach = happy family!
on the road... {trust me, this was fleeting}
and would you believe that we actually 
had more room in our car than we usually do???
heading to the beach!
since we were heading to the beach and
beach = happy kid
i was able to bribe a quick pic =)
but it wasn't long til we had kicked off our shoes
 and had our toes in the sand!
there was a lot of playing in the sand
and in the pool...
and back to the beach again...
 where oddly enough, this was a very common siting...
{edited to add: when i was writing, there was a picture here 
of a tractor heading down the beach... sorry, i must've deleted it
before publishing...going to try again...}
i assume it is oil related...
breakfasts were yummy @ the beach
here is french toast casserole

 and here are apple pie bites...
the beach definitely made us happy!!!
we relaxed and watched t.v.
and even had a modeling session for mommy!!!
on the way home we stopped to eat lunch
we had cooked in all week, 
so this was a fun treat!
fairhope, al
if you haven't been,
you need to go...
the houses there are precious-
like each and every one
it is a little piece of paradise!
a precious town---
thriving downtown, 
fantastic {looking} shopping
{we'll save shopping for another trip!}
and awesome food!
we parked ourselves at
Fly Creek Cafe and Marina
waterside, colorful, delicious seafood and not crowded
it could not have been more perfect!
it was for sure the perfect end to a perfect week...

and in conclusion to this extremely long post...
today is picture day for my little
so i took one in case by the time he actually smiles for the camera
he's cut his clothing {that's another post altogether},
or decorated himself in marker, 
or used his clothing as a napkin...
by golly, when he *started* the day
he looked CUTE!
{pictured with sweet PK3 teacher, Mrs McCullough}

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