Friday, August 6, 2010

10 days...not bad...

last post was 10 days ago...
if i can just keep up this pace...
since our last visit
giles has started a new school year
with a brand new school!
with a switch such as this
comes much apprehension
{for moi}
but the transition has been like buttah!
cutie went to his open house and met
mrs mccullough
and even gave her some cookies!
and met new friends to play kitchen with...
and even did a little sink repair
and smiled a little for the camera
he knows right where to put his 'pack-pack' in the a.m.
and just really seems pleased as punch
about the whole thing....
he even kept a smile on his face
after he bumped his head walking 
out the front door for pictures!
so, here he is!
gilesy on his very first day of pre-k3
new lunch box
new 'pack-pack'
new bbtn outfit
potty-trained and eager for the day!!!

now...posting this is good for me! 
seeing as how i woke up at 2am
with a another stinkin stomach bug.
what gives?
see you sooner!

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