Monday, July 26, 2010

really? a month?!?!

so, actually, it's been more than a month
since my last update...
hard to believe THAT, for sure!
i think i feel guilty blogging sometimes
because there is certainly ALWAYS
something i *should* be doing
that is clearly not getting done
while i blog away....
but right now, i happen to know
four little people who would like to see
pictures of the big weekend we just had...
to help them anticipate a little better
about the really cool weekend we're about to have
this coming weekend....
so cousins...for you...
a birthday recap...
from the birthday boy thrice celebrated
in his third year of life
{phew! i just had to google 'thrice'
thought it was "a-go" but just wanted to make sure...
before i embarrass myself in front of all of blogland...}
 the beginning...we had no idea...

like really, ...*no* idea
that THIS could take SO long!!!
{mama & daddy, SO this picture of y'all...}
but it was worth every second of assembly
mike and his youngest brother chris spent a
decent chunk of time on friday
with mike putting finishing touches on it on
saturday and sunday
so...if contemplating assembling one of these...
you really can't overestimate
we're talking details here folks.
LOTS of them.
in the heat. with one "undegreed" engineer
trying to follow some other "engineer's" directions
'better ways' were being discussed at almost every turn =)
but, alas, directions were followed and assembly took place
and someone is one happy little boy...

 thank you to my precious family who bought this for giles
 for his bday...he has already logged a LOT of hours on it!
along with playing outside on the new play set
there was also cake to be eaten!
this cake was delicious!
it was made by it takes the cake bakery in tuscaloosa
-i loved the design! it was a fun pirate...not too scary
and he was awfully sweet too! {ha, ha}
this picture has become a tradition...
giles with his oldest cousin lauren
she'll be a freshman at the university of alabama this fall
every year at the birthday party they get a pic just like this one
and there is one more, but on another computer...
he loves that la-la
and in closing, we sent the guests home with
their very own cannonballs
{chocolate malt balls}
in their very own pirate bandanna...

i do plan to come back soon with more birthday recap...
thank you to all who made this so much fun!!!

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