Friday, June 4, 2010

summer update...

man o man...
it has been a WEEK!
i think we'll do a big recap on swimming lessons!
{this will be thoroughly enjoyed by the family...
not sure how many others read, 
but i apologize in advance =)}
in the pool with new friends, the first day...
LOTS of anxiety!!!
coach anne has the kiddos blow bubbles in the ring
by day 5 they are all dying to hang out in the pool!
what a difference a few days 
and an awesome swim coach makes!
ready to swim to the ladder
and here are a few videos to enjoy...

hope you enjoyed, 
we sure did!!!
already looking forward to week 2!

1 comment:

paige said...

looks like ya'll have a great pool.
lets hear it for swimming like little fishies!