Monday, June 21, 2010

on the board!

and when you say, 
say it like you would hear a conductor say
'all aboard!'
because that is what giles thinks conductors say
'on the board!'
and he was pleased to express this sentiment
all 45+ miles home from swimming lessons today...

i know i already blogged about swimming lessons
but we signed up for a second session
we love coach anne
and i knew giles would definitely benefit from them
so, we started back today...
it was such a nice change,
going...knowing what to expect.
i think we both liked that, a lot.
here is giles practicing floating on his back...
he's almost completely floating,
just using coach anne's shoulder to rest his head a little...
but then she eased him right into the pool
and he floated alone to the count of 8!!!
when i try this with him,
he looks like windmill...
the arms and legs are a flailin'!
i hope they work on floating a lot this week
and that our practice sessions go better...

i can't believe father's day came and went
and i really didn't get a shot of just giles and mikey together...
we went out to dinner
giles did a little chop-stick'n
i was pretty impressed!
the fork was only there for me...
i would have moments of feeling sorry for him,
only getting about 4-5 grains of rice at a time...
but he did great!
he thoroughly enjoyed all of the different foods
he even was ok with some spicy tuna sushi,
although i think the seaweed wrap was a tad
hard for him to maneuver - he left it alone.
we made daddy a little happy, with our own hands...
not my own words,
but definitely my thoughts...
{you can google 'childrens hands' and find the poem}
since it's been awhile since we've done some bloggin',
i will add in a bit of what else we've had fun doing...

 i took giles to see his very first movie theater movie
hotel for dogs...
we lasted a little over an hour.
all went well, except for the game of keep away.
he found about 4-5 rows at the very front of the theatre
well, except for him!
he'd run up one and down the other
pretty much directly opposite of wherever i was...
i knew that God's purpose here was to make
some other moms realize that they aren't alone-
right? i was just the lucky one that got to show them!
we've all been there...
kids embarrassing as all get-out
{never typed that expression before...}
finally i just decide to guard to door out of the theatre
and pray that he wouldn't head for the emergency exit...
fortunately, i was spared.
at some point, he decided to head back to the seats...
not too much later, i decided we'd head for the car!

one of my dearest pals ever's
little boy jack turned 3!
he and giles are in the same class at school.
so we headed out to jack's party
one pretty {hot} saturday...
the kids had a blast!
i can't believe this is the best shot i took
of the two of them, but it appears to be...

giles found a most stellar hiding place.
he was so stinkin proud of himself!
we played hide n seek for a little while
that a.m.
he'd be under the pool and ask me to look for him---
total covert operations here, 
let me tell ya!

hard at work, thinkin...
sportin daddy's yard 'hat'
or 'do-rag'
he sat here for about 5 minutes,
just hanging out...
it was super cute.

he's a BIG fan of helping daddy in the yard...
we'll see how long that lasts...

giles... one day, hopefully you'll look back at this blog.
please know--- about 2 months
before you turned three...
i can't explain it, but you have 'come alive' more than ever!
you are on the G-O, at all times!
 you say the funniest things!
you call the toilet, the too-let... cracks me up everytime!
when i tell you something you don't like,
you give it right back to me
{don't worry, i am working on this... it's called backtalk---
not recommended...}
you spend more time than you'd like in time out
but you are quick to apologize and let me know you want to be nice
one of my favorite things you do
is take my face in both of your hands and give me a kiss...
it is really super sweet...
when we are driving and saying prayers as we go,
 you listen and at the end, you always give a solid 'amen!'
everyone is your 'friend', and i mean everyone!
you already know left from right,
you jump off the diving board and have no fear of water
{a little might be good... but we're not tellin' ya that!}
you climb in your crib, you climb out
but at this point, you don't climb out when you wake up
from a nap or a good night's sleep
not sure when you'll figure that out...
hopefully not too soon!
you potty trained in about 3 weeks...
pretty hassle free... accidents happen,
but not very often--- way to go!
you are SUPER smart!
i hope you find a way to make the world a better place because of it!
i love you gilesy...
#1 son {your daddy says this with an chinese's too funny!}

Friday, June 4, 2010

summer update...

man o man...
it has been a WEEK!
i think we'll do a big recap on swimming lessons!
{this will be thoroughly enjoyed by the family...
not sure how many others read, 
but i apologize in advance =)}
in the pool with new friends, the first day...
LOTS of anxiety!!!
coach anne has the kiddos blow bubbles in the ring
by day 5 they are all dying to hang out in the pool!
what a difference a few days 
and an awesome swim coach makes!
ready to swim to the ladder
and here are a few videos to enjoy...

hope you enjoyed, 
we sure did!!!
already looking forward to week 2!