Saturday, May 22, 2010

a day in may...

i have NO idea what i finally did right
but i am back to being able to type
the way i like
so, there! blogger...
{oh, heck... i spoke to soon...
i still have no idea how i got the cursor to the center
like i like it and got the picture to move down,
'cuz if i did, i'd do it again...}
alright, blogger, you win
for now i will just recap here {or maybe at the end}
what each picture is included for
this first one is to brag a little
right now my hubs has no business buying me flowers
but, for mother's day, he did
but he didn't just go to the store, 
or call a florist
{although both are quite sweet things to do}
he bought me a bouquet of daisies
from the battered women's shelter 
they are beautiful!
and i did say 'are' because they still ARE!!!
it has been two weeks
and they look as fresh as the day he gave them to me!
i love that he supported this cause
we have, over the years, come in contact 
with some of these women and their children
they live a hard life
i hope in some small way, 
this purchase made their life easier in some way
thank you mikey
{ps, i think he's on to something, he poured sierra mist in the water from the start}
this morning we went to the sunrise hot air balloon race
it made for an early morning, but it was fantastic
last year mikey got to ride
but this year he just helped some folks with their balloons
and hung out with us
{which, while i was pleased for his little adventure last year,
didn't mind too much that he didn't partake this year...
there is just something unsettling about it...
although it must be pretty safe
and he LOVED it!}
the sunrise balloon is the lead balloon
they go and ride for awhile
then they drop some kind of bean bag
the rest of the balloons also have a bean bag
 they toss it down near the lead balloon's
whichever balloon's bean bag is closest, wins
pretty interesting concept there...
the pepsi can was huge!
the two brightly colored ones on the ground
are the ones mike helped with
the one to the left was the one the mayor's fiance rode in
he is so sweet, he let her go this year, 
he rode last year 
{hmmm...mikey? you would have done the same- for reals, you're nice like that}
while mike was helping
giles and i were babysitting regis
his mommy was helping with the balloons too
and he was scared
his mommy brought him with her to the race
because he was bitten by a brown recluse recently
and is healing...
is he not the cutest {george, cover your ears}
yorkie you've ever seen?
his personality was DELIGHTFUL
he was sooooo gentle and sweet
giles wanted to get out of his stroller
and 'make him feel better'
he was referring to the fact that he had that terrible wound
from the spider bite
giles was so gentle with him
OH! i could just have scooped little regis right up and brought him home!!!
the pink energizer bunny was el-humungo
giles was sporting a pair of ears 
{in a super cool way}
in honor of the big bun bun
chris {mike's youngest bro} is a cooker
he just returned from memphis in may int'l bbq fest
and was supporting the new fest here in ttown
pigs in flight
and then finally, 
as we were leaving, this enormous tank rolled out
we had noticed in the building on the way in
and i commented on it
it might not look it in the picture
but this rig was ginormous
and sadly it was probably put to use recently
when there was a plane crash at the airport
there were two memphians killed in that crash
it was sad to hear about
i didn't know them, 
but someone is missing them terribly, no doubt
keep those families in your prayers!
i am tired after this post =)
and i sat down to take a break from cleaning up the house
no rest for the weary
and waking up at 4am 
does make you weary
break's over, toddler is up and hollering for me and georgie to come get him
we are glad to go!
more later....

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