Thursday, May 6, 2010


no pictures...
quick post...
there have really been so many changes going on...
no more paci
no more bottle
every day reminders
'yes ma'am/no ma'am'
'yes sir/no sir'
and now...
progress on the potty
oh, all while fighting a fever virus
for the past 24+hrs...
topping out at 104.3
there have been tears,
on my end...for sure
i really didn't know potty training was challenging
giles is smart
i  figured it'd be
make a decision
tell him it's time to start using potty
um...not quite
several accidents -of both varieties- later
we're getting the hang of it...
today giles came in from the deck, where he was playing
to go POOP!!!
poops are a big deal around here
there have only been 3 prior to today
but seeing as how he scored 10 mini m&ms
we might be seeing more of those!
and after a day in underwear
with only one minor accident
we're making serious progress
and like i said... 
this is all while enduring high fever
and feeling crummy
so, props to giles
the kid never ceases to amaze me
his new thing is responding 'sure'
for affirmative responses
 and it's v-e-r-y pronounce
i wish you could here him!
it's like he's real proud that he's giving you a positive response
so, it's a very confident 'sure!'
like, 'sure! mommy, i'll put away my shoes'
or 'giles?, will you help mommy clean up?'
'sure! i'll help you'
hi-larious, i tell you!!!

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