Saturday, May 15, 2010

catch up!

oh the drama!
i come here to catch up
and blogger won't let me 'caption' my pictures!
who knows if i'll get it to work
so, instead, i will caption down here...
the first picture...strictly for the grandparents
cute new pjs from target!!!
this is one of two pair
we love them and they are plenty big
so we'll easily get two seasons,
which i love!
the second picture was strictly for katy
she's my dear friend
we worked together for awhile
then we were pregnant at the same time
and now we have kiddos in the same preschool class
in that class is a sweet boy
but a violent one
he's always imitating guns sounds
and other various means of violence
but he's little
so giles will have that on him for awhile
but he packs a punch
as you can see in the picture
the shiner doesn't look too bad, 
but in subsequent pictures you'll see
there was some broken skin in there too!
mommy was so sad to see this...
in the third picture {sorry it's dark, gloomy & grainy}
you are witnessing two boys
learning how something is made
this time it is carabiner
for those that don't know... 
this is a carabiner
and for those that don't know,
the word "this" in the sentence
"this is a carabiner" 
is a link, 
therefore you click...
just a little fyi...
and in the last two pictures
you might have made a discovery
you might say to yourself
hey!, there were lots of pics taken in cheerios clothing
well, when we woke up this a.m., 
the request to remain in the shirt was made
and granted...
so the last two pictures are taken today
the first of the last two was documented solely
for the purpose of me never forgetting how CUTE
those itty bitty legs are!!!
and the last one
is just plain cute
kiddo likes his snack cup
and he likes to follow it up with a little lunch
so far he's pulled out 

purple hull peas
and green beans, while stating 'i like green beans'
can't beat that!

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