Sunday, April 4, 2010


well... i definitely do not want to be negative
as the title of the post would lean...
it's just that for TWO days,
after putting it off for many days
because i have been SO busy,
i have been trying to upload pictures to share
it's been a hassle
and annoying
but i will figure it out...
but for now,
this is my baby...
and he is PACI-FREE!!!!!
of course, this was more my battle than his
but honestly, even though i thought it would be hard for me
i really did think it would be tough on him
but it wasn't
it happened organically, which was the best part!
on monday, at bed time
giles told mikey that paci was 'yuck'
well, in our house, things that are 'yuck' go in the trash!
and FORTUNATELY daddy didn't miss a beat!!!
when giles told daddy that
daddy said, well, since paci is yuck, it goes in the trash
i think it just didn't sink in, because he readily agreed
i think he might have had second thoughts initially,
but he went on to sleep
my bigger fear was napping on tuesday...
when it was ME who'd be putting him to bed
and it was a little bumpy
but he {and i} persevered
and it is now about 1 week later
and what i thought would be tough.stuff.
turned out to not be too bad
i really am elated it went so very well
i am thankful for mikey and his taking the iniative to get the paci out!
he knew it would be tough for me
and he probably figured i might need a little kick-start
i am so thankful for that...
and giles...
what mom doesn't love their child more than life?
but really... it OVERWHELMS me
and humbles me
and what a un, un, unBELIEVEABLE little boy he is...
why God would have blessed me so abundantly eludes me
but i am so very grateful
beyond any amount of gratitude i thought i was capable of
being giles mom is the best
so... i will get back in the swing of blogging
i will catch up with our recent goings-on
but for now i leave you with this toothy picture
of my paci-free baby
i fully hope to see a little less 'crook' in his teeth...
i'll keep you posted ;)

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