Thursday, April 8, 2010

playin' catch up!!!

what a fun time we had this Easter!
giles learned about jesus' ultimate sacrifice for us
in school and we enjoyed talking to him about it
at home too...
a somewhat overwhelming concept
for pretty much anyone,
but might as well start early!
we were SO fortunate to have my parents
in town and staying with us for the weekend...
here are some pictures to do a little
recap of the Easter festivities
this was giles' school Easter egg hunt
his sweet teachers gave all the little pouncing pandas
a fun sand bucket to use for their hunt
giles took right to hunting eggs!
but he soon realized  he was on the playground
so when the loot thinned out a bit,
he just put the bucket down
and went about playing on the playground!
priorities, people!
here is my sweet mama
she and my daddy brought giles
a couple of books and a sweet Easter card
here is giles ready to embark
on the backyard hunt
....super excited!!!
and here is our egg dye set up
lookin pretty fun!!!
giles was ready to go!
he had his set up, apron and a special onlooker...
that was all he needed, he was set!
i probably had the most fun...
i love my 'lilly' egg in the middle---pink & green
and my orange and pink {bottom left} and the blue and green {bottom right}
and probably my fave would be the vibrant blue {top left}
this was a fun after-thought...
we just used the left-over egg dye on an old t shirt of mikeys!
and when i was going to put the t shirt in the green coloring...
i found the 10th egg, the one that had been missing...
it actually turned out to be the coolest egg we colored!
in addition to celebrating the resurrection of our Savior
we joyfully celebrated the retirement of my mama!!!
32 1/2 years of service to Memorial Park Funeral Home
i am so thrilled for my parents...
well-deserved time to just coast for a little while in life
kick back and enjoy the fruits of a life well-lived
so, to celebrate... a cake
and a dinner that really could not be beat
mikey grilled filet and asparagus
i made twice baked potatoes
and publix rocked a most amazingly tasty cake
{and B1G1 breyers ice cream =)}
once dinner was over and we settled down for the night
it was time for the Easter bunny to come work a little magic
and then it was time for giles to come see what bunny brought!!!
and eat candy for breakfast!!!
and play his bunny roller game
{didn't you have one when you were little? it had the wheel on it???}
more hunting took place after churhc...
and that held his attention for all of about 2 minutes
...sadly, he figured out that the eggs were empty
and he just wasn't going to hunt for empty eggs!
{you turned back in the eggs at the end for a goody bag...}
while i was peacefully enjoying the company
of my parents, in-laws and extended family...
hubs and cousin duncan were out teaching giles
to climb trees...
and look cute while doing it...
and when he got bored with that...
scaling the carport wall...
no big deal.
but at least i got one really cute picture out of all of it!

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