Sunday, April 18, 2010

monumental day...for me...

all gone...
yup.... milk's gone, and no more bottles...
i cried for this one.
i have been good about other milestones,
but this one was just hard.
i haven't felt super duper great all day
and i just have to wonder if i didn't have
just a little anxiety about
the bottle fairy visit!!!
i know we'll still snuggle...
but bottle time has always been THE BEST snuggling time

but giles did a great job...
he loaded up the porch with all of his bottles
he understands,
the bottle fairy comes
takes the bottles
and leaves a special treat!

oh wow!
would you look at that!
it looks like the bottle fairy has already come by!
i checked juuuuuust before i went to bed...
looks like she left a very special
dora the explorer cup & gummies!
and if look closely,
you can see that she sprinkled fairy dust
all around the special treat...
giles LOVES a special treat...
so here's to hoping for a smooooooth transition

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