Thursday, April 29, 2010

it's potty time...

yesterday a note came home from school with giles
in summary, it said
next's potty time!
giles has been in the process of training,
but nothing too serious
because i like his teacher
because i think the undies the easter bunny left are cute
and i have been wanting to see his little hiney in them for weeks
and because i don't want the first time he wears
'real underwear'
to be the day he's supposed to wear them to school
we started potty training today...
hence, the timer
every 20 minutes
we shut off the timer
go to the potty
tee tee
get a sticker
reset the timer
and go back to doing whatever
i will just say
20 minutes comes at you FAST!!!
but so far it has been a pleasant experience
here is hoping that the Lord's plan is
really similar to my plea
please, Father, allow this to go smoothly!!!
i have no control over it, it is a decision giles has to make
and knowing the timing is something i can't change,
well... it's going to be fine... with lots of prayer and patience
since you're dying to know potty progress,
i'll be sure to keep you posted & all...
we took a trip to see my family last weekend
we had so much fun
giles hung out with the big boys
brenner, james, nick, max and bryce
some are cousins, some are friends
some are friends that are really like family
i just love seeing him 'hang' with pals
he's about 2 years or so younger than the youngest
and they do have a fun time...
his cousin james, who is the youngest in his family
gets to be the 'big' cousin to his little cousin
and the oldest {12} is super sweet to watch
he's one of those boys
you only hope to have your child grow up like...

last night was our 9th anniversary
i LOVE being married to this man 
our celebration was low key
at home with our favorite little
mikey grilled wings,
best he's ever made!
and we had these
to go with them...
along with some homemade mac n cheese
sort of a hodge podge,
no real planning went into it
sort of like my life feels sometimes

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~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

My favorite little underwear for Houston, because he says they are the most comfy are the ones from gymboree :)

How cute does giles look.

He is getting big no paci, no bottle, and now undies...sniff...sniff.