Monday, April 12, 2010

happy anniversary!

to my little! he's been cha-cha free for 2 weeks today!
i really couldn't picture life without it
now i can hardly remember life with it!
 i have been asked by lots how i did it
it was cold turkey
sometimes you just have to be real with your child
you have to let them know how things are
and that they may not always like it
and i didn't 'say' any of that
i let him know it by my tone of voice
and we didn't dwell
worked for us me!
our fun family friend katy invited us to join her for lunch
so we dined on the sidewalk
{in beautiful spring weather}
of mellow mushroom
this bronze elephant dined next to us
giles was smitten
and not nearly as interested in his slice of pizza
as he was the 'ehuhfunt'
here's daddy getting gilesy all ready for bed
he's a good getter readier
and i love to listen to them interact
{most of the time}
sweet boy... my heart
i wanted to get a 'progress report' on the teeth
two weeks out
but instead of creating an unpleasant moment
demanding a certain photo
i just went with this one...
he's pretty cute, huh?

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