Thursday, April 29, 2010

it's potty time...

yesterday a note came home from school with giles
in summary, it said
next's potty time!
giles has been in the process of training,
but nothing too serious
because i like his teacher
because i think the undies the easter bunny left are cute
and i have been wanting to see his little hiney in them for weeks
and because i don't want the first time he wears
'real underwear'
to be the day he's supposed to wear them to school
we started potty training today...
hence, the timer
every 20 minutes
we shut off the timer
go to the potty
tee tee
get a sticker
reset the timer
and go back to doing whatever
i will just say
20 minutes comes at you FAST!!!
but so far it has been a pleasant experience
here is hoping that the Lord's plan is
really similar to my plea
please, Father, allow this to go smoothly!!!
i have no control over it, it is a decision giles has to make
and knowing the timing is something i can't change,
well... it's going to be fine... with lots of prayer and patience
since you're dying to know potty progress,
i'll be sure to keep you posted & all...
we took a trip to see my family last weekend
we had so much fun
giles hung out with the big boys
brenner, james, nick, max and bryce
some are cousins, some are friends
some are friends that are really like family
i just love seeing him 'hang' with pals
he's about 2 years or so younger than the youngest
and they do have a fun time...
his cousin james, who is the youngest in his family
gets to be the 'big' cousin to his little cousin
and the oldest {12} is super sweet to watch
he's one of those boys
you only hope to have your child grow up like...

last night was our 9th anniversary
i LOVE being married to this man 
our celebration was low key
at home with our favorite little
mikey grilled wings,
best he's ever made!
and we had these
to go with them...
along with some homemade mac n cheese
sort of a hodge podge,
no real planning went into it
sort of like my life feels sometimes

Sunday, April 18, 2010

monumental day...for me...

all gone...
yup.... milk's gone, and no more bottles...
i cried for this one.
i have been good about other milestones,
but this one was just hard.
i haven't felt super duper great all day
and i just have to wonder if i didn't have
just a little anxiety about
the bottle fairy visit!!!
i know we'll still snuggle...
but bottle time has always been THE BEST snuggling time

but giles did a great job...
he loaded up the porch with all of his bottles
he understands,
the bottle fairy comes
takes the bottles
and leaves a special treat!

oh wow!
would you look at that!
it looks like the bottle fairy has already come by!
i checked juuuuuust before i went to bed...
looks like she left a very special
dora the explorer cup & gummies!
and if look closely,
you can see that she sprinkled fairy dust
all around the special treat...
giles LOVES a special treat...
so here's to hoping for a smooooooth transition

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Monday, April 12, 2010

happy anniversary!

to my little! he's been cha-cha free for 2 weeks today!
i really couldn't picture life without it
now i can hardly remember life with it!
 i have been asked by lots how i did it
it was cold turkey
sometimes you just have to be real with your child
you have to let them know how things are
and that they may not always like it
and i didn't 'say' any of that
i let him know it by my tone of voice
and we didn't dwell
worked for us me!
our fun family friend katy invited us to join her for lunch
so we dined on the sidewalk
{in beautiful spring weather}
of mellow mushroom
this bronze elephant dined next to us
giles was smitten
and not nearly as interested in his slice of pizza
as he was the 'ehuhfunt'
here's daddy getting gilesy all ready for bed
he's a good getter readier
and i love to listen to them interact
{most of the time}
sweet boy... my heart
i wanted to get a 'progress report' on the teeth
two weeks out
but instead of creating an unpleasant moment
demanding a certain photo
i just went with this one...
he's pretty cute, huh?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

playin' catch up!!!

what a fun time we had this Easter!
giles learned about jesus' ultimate sacrifice for us
in school and we enjoyed talking to him about it
at home too...
a somewhat overwhelming concept
for pretty much anyone,
but might as well start early!
we were SO fortunate to have my parents
in town and staying with us for the weekend...
here are some pictures to do a little
recap of the Easter festivities
this was giles' school Easter egg hunt
his sweet teachers gave all the little pouncing pandas
a fun sand bucket to use for their hunt
giles took right to hunting eggs!
but he soon realized  he was on the playground
so when the loot thinned out a bit,
he just put the bucket down
and went about playing on the playground!
priorities, people!
here is my sweet mama
she and my daddy brought giles
a couple of books and a sweet Easter card
here is giles ready to embark
on the backyard hunt
....super excited!!!
and here is our egg dye set up
lookin pretty fun!!!
giles was ready to go!
he had his set up, apron and a special onlooker...
that was all he needed, he was set!
i probably had the most fun...
i love my 'lilly' egg in the middle---pink & green
and my orange and pink {bottom left} and the blue and green {bottom right}
and probably my fave would be the vibrant blue {top left}
this was a fun after-thought...
we just used the left-over egg dye on an old t shirt of mikeys!
and when i was going to put the t shirt in the green coloring...
i found the 10th egg, the one that had been missing...
it actually turned out to be the coolest egg we colored!
in addition to celebrating the resurrection of our Savior
we joyfully celebrated the retirement of my mama!!!
32 1/2 years of service to Memorial Park Funeral Home
i am so thrilled for my parents...
well-deserved time to just coast for a little while in life
kick back and enjoy the fruits of a life well-lived
so, to celebrate... a cake
and a dinner that really could not be beat
mikey grilled filet and asparagus
i made twice baked potatoes
and publix rocked a most amazingly tasty cake
{and B1G1 breyers ice cream =)}
once dinner was over and we settled down for the night
it was time for the Easter bunny to come work a little magic
and then it was time for giles to come see what bunny brought!!!
and eat candy for breakfast!!!
and play his bunny roller game
{didn't you have one when you were little? it had the wheel on it???}
more hunting took place after churhc...
and that held his attention for all of about 2 minutes
...sadly, he figured out that the eggs were empty
and he just wasn't going to hunt for empty eggs!
{you turned back in the eggs at the end for a goody bag...}
while i was peacefully enjoying the company
of my parents, in-laws and extended family...
hubs and cousin duncan were out teaching giles
to climb trees...
and look cute while doing it...
and when he got bored with that...
scaling the carport wall...
no big deal.
but at least i got one really cute picture out of all of it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


well... i definitely do not want to be negative
as the title of the post would lean...
it's just that for TWO days,
after putting it off for many days
because i have been SO busy,
i have been trying to upload pictures to share
it's been a hassle
and annoying
but i will figure it out...
but for now,
this is my baby...
and he is PACI-FREE!!!!!
of course, this was more my battle than his
but honestly, even though i thought it would be hard for me
i really did think it would be tough on him
but it wasn't
it happened organically, which was the best part!
on monday, at bed time
giles told mikey that paci was 'yuck'
well, in our house, things that are 'yuck' go in the trash!
and FORTUNATELY daddy didn't miss a beat!!!
when giles told daddy that
daddy said, well, since paci is yuck, it goes in the trash
i think it just didn't sink in, because he readily agreed
i think he might have had second thoughts initially,
but he went on to sleep
my bigger fear was napping on tuesday...
when it was ME who'd be putting him to bed
and it was a little bumpy
but he {and i} persevered
and it is now about 1 week later
and what i thought would be tough.stuff.
turned out to not be too bad
i really am elated it went so very well
i am thankful for mikey and his taking the iniative to get the paci out!
he knew it would be tough for me
and he probably figured i might need a little kick-start
i am so thankful for that...
and giles...
what mom doesn't love their child more than life?
but really... it OVERWHELMS me
and humbles me
and what a un, un, unBELIEVEABLE little boy he is...
why God would have blessed me so abundantly eludes me
but i am so very grateful
beyond any amount of gratitude i thought i was capable of
being giles mom is the best
so... i will get back in the swing of blogging
i will catch up with our recent goings-on
but for now i leave you with this toothy picture
of my paci-free baby
i fully hope to see a little less 'crook' in his teeth...
i'll keep you posted ;)