Monday, March 22, 2010

suckin' wind... mar 13-22

o my.
since the marathon in seaside
i've been running a marathon at home too
easter baskets galore...
all other facets of life are sort of on the back burner
including this blog
but my sweet niece prompted me
with a sweet email
that simply asked,
'when are you putting more pictures on your blog?'
a question i can no longer ignore
aj, here are more pictures =)
one of the favorite pasttimes of a rainy day
{coat and boots are both hand-me-downs we LOVE}
this is our sneaky little kitty
she's about 11 years old
she lives outside
but she isn't called sneaky for nothin'!
she likes to come inside
she used to be indoor
then indoor/outdoor
now, just outdoor
but she recalls the indoor days
and likes to revisit them
albeit very sneakily
she's not comin' in for a snuggle
but if you catch her juuuuust right
 you can have one...
especially if you're 2 1/2...
for some reason
she runs from mike
she's ok with me coming for her
but a lot of times if giles goes for her
she freezes
and she is sooooo patient with him...
he pulls, tugs, grabs, drags and hugs
this sweet kitty more than she could possibly care for
but she just keeps letting him get her
it's a very odd partnership
but it works...
unless she's straight up not in the mood
then she's like lightening
and he's like a floodgate
he just doesn't get it...yet
if you need an onion
or some milk
or any other random ingredient you forgot at the store
just ask giles
he'll get it for you
he'll hop on the precor and
'run errands'
it's a favorite pasttime,
pjs are his choice of fashion for runnin' errands
and one of mommy's favorite things about giles is that he is so
he is very good {and even eager} to help me with some of the
household chores....
i keep meaning to video this
i would hate for him to ever forget how much he likes to help
i bet it will go something like this in our house..
'mom? i want to go do ____'
'giles, i want you to help me with ____ first, k?'
giles- 'sure mom, i was going to offer to help you with that anyway,
my friends will wait for me....'
me- 'thanks honey, you're the best, i can always count on you!'
{ahh...peace on earth, right?!?!}
free for all in the bathtub
supervised bath time on this particular night
was just enough time for me to clean out my purse!
i love multi-tasking...
i am not normally ok with this kind of mess
but i remembered that my friend jenny let her kids
destroy her kitchen one time when we were going somewhere
so i decided to just let go
and i made it!
my house didn't combust
it was a nice respite from thinking play has to be tidy
we both had so much fun sittin on the floor playing play-doh
i am so thankful for the little things
gilesy brought mommy some flowers
mikey & gilesy were all suited up
they were going to fertilize the yard in the rain
i have to acknowledge that which i wish i didn't
he takes after his daddy...
i hope he picks up on the good habits too...
my sweet boy

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