Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mar 2

it has been a looong day
a great day...just got an early start
last night while reading & snuggling with giles
i let him know that didiFrank was coming to take him to memphis
for a week!!!
he remembered
he woke up and called for 'mama, daddy, come git me want mimiJanie and Frank'
mind like a trap!
he was precious this a.m.
he woke up at 5:30
and my daddy didn't get here until 11:45
we had lots of good, quality family time
it couldn't have been more perfect
here giles is making his eggs for breakfast
{don't worry, we're very close by}
he felt like a very big boy
and he made some tasty eggies!!!
and here is my precious daddy
he's one of my very most favoritest people on the planet
and today he self-lessly {that's how he is...totally self-less}
drove 4 hours to get baby giles
only to turn right back around and drive 4 hours back
and keep him for a week!
{and on his 71st birthday, no less!!!}
he and mama
{who worked all day & stayed behind to welcome them home}
will have a fuuullll week
fortunately his cousins are on spring break
and he's the entertainment!
he's going to be loving that!!!
i wish you could hear him say 'cousin'
he really pronounces the 's'
so cute
i knew the birthday lunch needed to be simple and quick
so we enjoyed some chips and salsa
chicken spaghetti
and twice-dropped cupcakes
{and the cupcakes weren't the only thing to drop...
while shopping for them, giles got a little excited...
he fell out of the grocery cart trying to reach cupcakes...
he gets sort of weak and slobbery around confections such as these...
makes rash decisions...
has poor judgement...}
dropped first by mikey, in the parking lot
then pulled off the counter, completely upside-down
so, prior to plating the cupcakes
they required a little refrosting
and they tasted just fine...
kinda devine, in fact
and here, daddy has his thinking cap on
the changing table was full of giles' travel gear
 but the diaper needed changing...
so to the crib they went
...smart man...
it truly is the little things...
ask any woman {especially a wife/mom}
it's the truth
it's actually gospel

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