Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb 28, no Mar 1...ugh.

i don't get why-o-why blogging has challenged me so lately
so, mar 1 came and went
no picture
it was a good day
normal early evening dinner stuff
introduced game of 'memory'
man, it has changed a-lot since i was a kid!
but we enjoyed it
and then there was reading and snuggling
-my favorite part of this day, hands down
it was deep, still snuggling
rare and priceless
but it did get pics yesterday
mike's brother had a birthday earlier in the month
so we headed up to yellow creek road for a little family party
and a birthday party is big fun for the toddler
he's the youngest
and he loves all of the attention
loves it!
here he is with ginger
she's about the 8th boxer the family has had
'is it good, tony?' -said in the purest, sweetest, sincerest
toddler voice you have ever heard...
all of the adults were talking and then we realized that giles was quiet
over the counter/island we could see this
and once the chatter died down a bit
that is what we heard
sooooo stinkin' sweet
love that boy!
and here is cousin duncan
he's the cousin on mike's side
closest in age to giles...
he is so sweet to giles
he makes sure he's happy and has toys to play with
he even sent giles home with
an entirely too-close-to-real size firetruck
but he's enjoying the heck out of it
sirens and all...

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