Friday, March 12, 2010

early March 2010

this is how i dealt with the separation
i highly recommend it!
my parents kindly hosted giles for a week---
---like tuesday to tuesday
at their house last week
how lucky a girl am i?!?!
that is the only time mike & i have been away
from giles for more than a night or two since his birth
my emotions were all over the map
g.l.a.d. to be kid-free, like giddy glad
s.a.d. because i really, really like my kid
and i missed him!
he's really funny and he's really sweet
i like that around me on a daily basis
but he's really busy and sorta needy {two 1/2 year old style}
and i can go without that for 7 days, no problem!
but with skype
and knowing he was as happy as a pig in slop
i made it thru
mike and i had so many moments in his absence
of reflection...on the quiet, the funny things he does,
the things we could do without considering his needs---
like, i don't know, talking?!?!
walking down the hall--- at any time, speed, volume
-no regard to if his royal highness might be awakened?!?!
and most importantly...
we got lots-o-work done!
i painted baskets ninety to nothin'
which was my self-imposed goal
so that i coud go do
without guilt
or a care in the world
and i did
 and i am so glad that i did
that weekend was cathartic!
13.1 miles with dear friends
the car ride to the beach
the day before the race
the eating out
the conversation
the support
the girl time
the time with new friends
and old ones
the weather...perfection
the challenge...met
the least you weren't alone in the pain!
so the 1/2 marathon at seaside
goes down in the books
an event to remember
a tradition begun
a big, big shout out of thanks to all who made that possible
mama & daddy
nina, steepen, nanajane, nix, ceeya, james
meg, lisa, amy, laura
stuart {especially stuart!!!} and casey
big hugs
deep appreciation
love, love and more love to you all...
and now we're back in the groove of mowing the deck in the rain
and squeezing the heck out of iree!

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