Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb 6&7

i forgot a pic on friday, the 5th...
it was a busy day---
but i intended to take one and just forgot.

on saturday we had a lazy morning
mike was in atlanta
giles COULD have slept in
and therefore i COULD  have slept in
{mind you, this would mean 7a.m.}
but no, we were up & at'em by about 5:30a.m.
grandpa came over to visit
i took advantage and did a run to the PO & the grocery
and then did a little fill-in at BW...
i think grandpa was worn out
giles was sitting behind him on the couch pulling him back
then pushing him forward
only to pull him back again...
all the while he would be saying
'papa, get off me!!!'
over. and over. and over.
poor papa.
it was so good to have mikey back home,
safe & sound...
today we went to mass at 7:30a.m.
then we took the dogs and went for a hike
and a hike always involves a 'nack cup
pictured above
cheerios used to be a welcomed part of the 'nack cup
now-they just get picked around
it's a little sad...they were a staple
and a well -received one at that!
for so long...
o well.
giles' special treat was a visit from mimipapa
who, as you can tell from this picture,
are, in fact, two individual people
not just one- as the name would lead you to believe =)
he's a very happy camper in the arms of mimi
much to the end that unfortunately
papa gets left out a good bit when she's around
poor papa.
and when mimi's lap got old...
we retreated
moses style...
happy superbowl 44
n o saint
indianapolis colts
game still in progress...
geaux saints!

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