Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 3

i love that little bootie
giles is working on potty training...
right now, it is just random with no pressure from us
we'll ask if he'd like to try to go potty
he usually always does
and we usually can't tell if he really went
but we praise the effort
and life goes on

tomorrow is my favorite day of the week
on thursdays it is just me & gilesy
no wake up time
no commitments
just mama & bubba
i think we'll always have thursdays
even next year when he's in school 5 days a week
(which is NOT what i would pick for's the only choice)
we'll keep thursdays just for us

we instated the one bite rule tonight
in order to leave the dinner table
you must consume at least one bite
of all food choices on your plate
squash was the offender tonight
but, albeit with a shiver finish, the squash was consumed
i laughed at the shiver "finish"
you know, tell me you know
when you have to eat something that is really yuck?
for me, as a kid, i remember it being canned green beans
even loaded with ketchup
they were very offensive
times have changed
i like my green beans now
no ketchup required =)