Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb 24, not 25, 26 and not 27

this is going to be disappointing
i somehow got the rest of my life going on a good schedule
but this little bloggie got left behind!
and i didn't even edit the pics,
i just realized!
my preoccupation with life affected
this blog a few days ago
and my preoccupation with a bruised ligament
in my foot {yeah, i agree, 'ow'}
is affecting it now
so on the 24th
giles played with his carnival play people set
which was so fun to see
he's just starting to really get into
like, the other day, when he pretended he needed to poop
instead of nap!
but seeing this kind of pretending
with play people
is much cuter!
now the next pic is one of those
toddle moments of quiet
as in, i thought mike had him
mike thought i had him
and he decided to experiment with a pricey
facial serum
reeeeeaaaal funny that was...
{not, o so not...}
and other funny moments...

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