Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 22

giles got mail!
it was a subscription teaser to a highlights magazine
it had stickers in it & he really enjoyed putting them in place
he wanted more!
since this blog is as much for me to remember the little things
as it is to catch everyone up on them on a daily basis
.... i hope i never forget that
giles loves to watch t.b.{television}
he often hurts his hinger {finger}
{and on sunday, i cut my humb---- and it hurt!!!}
that on this day, tues feb 22, giles shangi'd us at naptime
he didn't want to take a nap
so he called out that he needed to go pooh-pooh
he knew he'd get out of a nap, at least for the moment
he's really working thru some cause & effect!
let me say, he was back down for a nap within 20-30 minutes
he might have bought a few minutes
but he did not purchase the afternoon!

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