Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 20 & 21

so...on pics of giles
we {me & hubs} went on a kitchen tour
you will notice...
neither picture i am sharing with you are kitchens
but they're pics from the tour
the first kitchen REALLY wowed us
but i didn't think to take a pic until later in the tour
so we enjoyed this house's kitchen but the deck
o, the deck
we lurved it!
it had wrought iron spindles
different levels
really cool rafters
{are they called a pergola??? gee, i really like putting myself out there}
neat furniture and a few select accessories
and this kitchen...i mean endless pool
off the master bath, which was off the master bedroom
no where near the kitchen...
we found it to be the most awesomest!!!
even tho the bedroom did smell like the pool at the y
would i like that to be the full-time smell of my bedroom?
not sure
i bet if the doors are closed
---which clearly they weren't because of nosey people like me---
i bet it's not so bad
so i made up for my lack of g pics from yesterday
here he is drivin' the 'burban
and here he is with 'ahhh-kooo-gah'
which i took to mean
which took ME completely by surprise
{to you more knowledgable than i, i realize this is NOT a bakugan}
this happy meal "prize" has been in our car for months
it has never sparked interest before
and never have i been as surprised by g's words
as i was with him announcing that
i guess one day, like when he's 20 or so...
i will come to grips with the fact that the outside world
will affect my kid...
and then i will need medication

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