Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feb 2

that is sort of similar to the expression
i made when i realized that i forgot to get a photo yesterday
giles is a bit under the weather...
not sure what direction it is going,
but he is a kid with one resiliant immune system...
so i can only guess he's on the mend?
in the process...
oh my.
i have looked at mike & said 'you gotta take this one'
he's either being b.a.d. and totally cracking me up
he's being b.a.d. and i am about to blow my top
mike has intervened several times yesterday & today
he's sweet about it
he comes in and says, 'are we all friends in here?'
when clearly no friend would be nearl as impatient with another friend
as i have been with giles at moments
it is really like he's on the crack rock at times!
he's very extreme with his emotions---
which i know is alllll toddler,
but he's definitely acting a little under the weather
yesterday i asked him if he would please go put his coat away,
to which he kindly replied,
'no mama, it's your turn'-
as he's handing the coat back to me...
ahhh, the teachable moments -lol...
today we went to MOM's group at church
and then giles went for a visit to mimipapa's
i am so very grateful to have in-laws in town
who LOVE their grandson like they do
-we're definitely very fortunate!
and i took full advantage of the break
and headed to publix & walmart---
my wallet is lighter
but the dreaded wally adventure is behind me for several days now
nite, nite

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