Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 18... really???

o how i cannot believe that feb is already
can that be?
maybe i don't want it to be because i am
in a 1/2 marathon in about 16 days
and something about setting goals
like, i don't know, training???
make me run
{unfortunatey, not literally- b/c then that might BE training}
the other way
so i talked to my partner in crime
{or stupidity--- but there's that stupid word we don't use again---
and it might be rude to call my friend stupid...}
today and we're going to be ok...
we decided that if we just sit on the sidelines
and cheer on our 3rd partner in crime
we'd be ok with it--- we're just going to have fun,
but then we spent the rest of the time
discussing our competitive streaks
and how if we can just make it to the
1/2 way point
we're good to go
in fact, we've convinced ourselves that the first
6.55 miles will be drudgery
and the last half--- a breeze!
but, whatever it takes, right?
surely my new insoles, new socks,
new chafing stuff, & new shirt
will carry me across the finish line
and if they don't---- there's supposed to be
medical care
{this info on the website was right next to the picture of an ambulance}
fully accessible to all participants
let's just hope if that is needed,
they fully understand
that upon completion of said race
and so i really don't care where i end up
as long as i get my complimentary
{yeah, right---can we say 'entry fee'???}}}
{did i really say all that outloud?...
i really registered for the super cute tshirt, not the dumb bag...}
wish me luck
i will take novenas in my honor too...
so this is entertainment
at least if you were a nice chili's customer
you let my son believe you were entertained
he beat on the top of the divider wall
some sort of tune
and added the occasional "HEY" to those eating nearby
i am sure they were amused
who wouldn't be?
he sure was...
we went to lunch with our neighbors lesley and graham
here giles and graham were playing with sticks
and finding all sorts of interesting things among the leaves

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